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Weekly Blog December 7th-11th, 2015

Our Story: Learning Labs

Peppermint has been wafting through the indoor and outdoor learning labs as students have been engaged in science and sensory exploration using peppermint candies. Students were amazed that peppermint candy and candy canes can turn water to pink and red, and create imprints in the gak, and mix with sensory foam for a multi-sensory experience. Next week we will add vinegar to the process to see if we have a different result!

Holiday photo booth was open to little elves striking a pose for the camera! The workshop was bustling with helpers making special projects for their loving families! You are going to LOVE THEM!!!

Little Chefs were busy in the dramatic play kitchen creating tasty gingerbread treats, coffee and hot cocoa. We had to be very cautious as those Gingerbread boys kept trying to get loose!

Next week we are looking forward to creating our healthy gingerbread houses. We will judge them based on our favorite creation and then enjoy the tasty treats!

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Obstacle Course Fun!

Gross Motor Skill Building! Gaining muscle strength, coordination, and body spacial awareness! Thank you to The Olmstead Family for the Balance Beam Donation.

Carnival of the Animals

The orchestra has filled the atelier with the sounds of Carnival of the Animals! In art and music appreciation students have been listening to the pieces of the music and created art sketches and paintings featuring the animals of the orchestra and the music that they are playing!
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Teaching Team Wish List

For the Holidays!

Dear Santa Baby and TerraNichol Parents,

The Teaching Team at TerraNichol Academy has been very nice this school year. As well as Stella Bunny and Valentino. We have spread love, kindness, happiness and patience. We have worked as a team to support and aid our environment by providing our students the education to raise the Earth and not hurt the earth. We stay healthy and eat our growing vegetables and food. We have provided an enriching, creative, safe and nurturing learning lab environment for our students to thrive in their developmental skills. Most of all we love what we do, shaping minds of our future citizens of the world.

We hope you will spread the love and happiness back to us this holiday season by providing some of the items on our AMAZON wish list. We would rather give back to our learning environment with new materials then to have gifts for ourselves. Look even Stella Bunny and Valentino have a Santa Wish list!




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Thank You for All Our Wish List Gifts for The Learning Labs.

Santa came earlier! We must have been very good this year. The students, teachers, Stella and Valentino are so excited to play with our new materials for our learning labs.

Thank You To:

The Olmstead Family

The Vogt Family

Winter Break Closing

School will be closed as the teaching team enjoys some much deserved family time. We hope that you make memories this holiday season!

School Closed December 21-January 3rd, 2016

School will reopen on January 4th, 2015

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Enrollment for 2016-2017 School Year

Based on many inquiries to the school about new enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year we will be sending out re-enrollment for our existing students and siblings early in February. Typically we do this in March but because of the volume of interest for next year however we need to evaluate space in the program for new incoming students. Be on the watch for information coming out to all families in February.

Re-enrollment forms and Registration Fee submitted by the deadline will guarantee the student's space for the upcoming school year.

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Parent Referrals

The best compliment to our program is parent referrals.

Thank you to The Barkley Family, The Morris Family, The Postell Family, and Jennifer Kelly.

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