soar sanford

march 18

uPCominG eVents

March 19 Saturday NNPS Math Mardi Gras at Warwick HS 10-2

March 21 Walk-though with Mrs. Burgess 1015-1200

March 22 Tornado Drill 1PM (observers in bldg.)

March 24 3rd grade performance and PTA Event 6pm

March 28 Posting window opens for 3MP grades

April 1 MP3 Ends; Half day for students

April 12 Report cards due for review 8AM

April 13 Lead Team Meeting 3PM

April 15 Picture Day: Class and Individual

Book Review Culture in your classroom

Students are always somewhere in the Book Review process

1.Students are reading.

2.Students are writing a Book Review.

3.Students are presenting Book Reviews--provide time and opportunities to present in class.

Students can present on Morning Show.

Book Reviews are posted in the room or hallway.

= Students are excited about reading and Book Review

Sanford Way Action Items

Implement the Reading application strategies:

Book Review Culture; Reading choice; Digital reading experiences; Read Aloud; Emphasize Non-Fiction;

The CRA model in math

Reference LT at least 3x per lesson