By: Jessica Slansky


Please Stop Laughing at Me was written about a girl named Jodee Blanco. As a victim of bullying, she faced many problems in her early childhood such as having trouble fitting in, trying to hard, and being self conscious from time to time. Jodee would move schools more often than the average kid, but as a family, everyone finally settled in for once and for all. In the summer when she moved to her new home, she made lots of new friends. When times got really tough her parents also decided on taking a family vacation to Greece and this made Jodee feel so much more alive and much happier than being depressed all the time at school. Jodee could finally free herself from the harsh world she lived under. Jodee also took part in acting and play competitions for drama and was very successful. At one point, she lost all her friends because she stood up fro what was right when everyone else was immature and didn't know any better. At the time of the reunion, peace was made along with people and actions being forgiven, but never forgotten. "I slowly open my eyes and smile at my former classmates sitting before me. I can finally forgive them...and myself." (268)

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is the author, protagonist, and main target of the book. She acted like a very mature girl for her age group, while this was good for the growing up factor, this also made things harder for her to make friends, because no one could really understand her well enough. Jodee's personality showed she was shy, yet outgoing and knew how to stand up for what was right, even when she stood alone. It was challenging for her to keep believing in herself because she got bullied for doing the right and for going against the crowd. At times, she tried to hard to fit in and this led to Jodee letting people walk all over her and that is a bad attitude, but sometimes Jodee broke down and could not handle it any longer. " Jodee, you can overcome sadness, loneliness, even terrible loss. But guilt goes with you to the grave."(113)


In the book Please Stop Laughing at Me, I've learned that it's always best to stand up for what's right, even when you are standing alone. Grow up young and be mature through your teenage years. Some examples that represent this theme from the book, is when everyone was at the 12 year old birthday party and kids got in the closet and did things they know they shouldn't have. Also, when Jodee was on the bus at her newest school, Jodee's friend was picked on by her other friends. She told them to stop and stood up for the right thing to do.
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Textual Evidence

The most powerful parts of the book that really jumped off the page for me are the times when she describe her pain from the bullying that she was a victim of. What Jodee went through and experienced, is not something every kid should have to suffer through. When Jodee succeed in her life with the drama aspect, it put a good vibe on the book and it brought hope that she would make it out alright. My favorite quote from the book has meaning to me and it must have shown importance to Jodee as well. "I've been blessed. Despite getting knocked down so many times, God keeps putting people in my corner at just the right time who give me the courage and strength to come out for one more round. Often, the opponent isn't another fighter, but my own self-doubt." (page 212)

Book Review

I would give this book a rating of four stars. I feel like it deserves a four star rating because it had detail, but it there wasn't as much as there should have been in some spots. The times Blanco wrote with great detail were very interesting. The book also had great suspense from time to time. Overall, it was a good book to read and it made you want to keep reading more and more. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and others who need motivational or a way of handling things, such as bullying.
Defeat The Label Anti Bullying Video

Multi-Media Source: Video

I chose this video because it shows what Jodee went through as a victim of bullying. People called her weird because of her body. People called her a dork because she cared a lot about her grades. Jodee was always the outcast. In life, learn to care about things that matter. I understand it may not be easy to just ignore the harsh words, but do the best you can. You were given this life for a reason and don't let anyone take your happiness from you.


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