Happy Easter VI Challengers

Jeanette Farrar www.weighthelpmate.90day.challenge.com

VI Support

I write to welcome you to our new support site and to explain how we can best go forward and support you on your health/weight challenge with Visalus & The 90 Day Challenge.

Let me explain how we hope this will improve your experience as I feel many of you whom are reading this, may be on Challenge now, but have recently found yourself with no community support. Let's change that & improve your experience.

Let's Spring forward together!

Built on FB our main customer service interactive platform, our 100% free support site includes:

An Extensive Support Network

One to one & group interactive support (over 17,000) members,

Real people with real RESULTS, lot's of tools, trackers

Meal Plans


Shopping Lists

Exercise Advice

Articles, Testimonials

Health Tips, Nutritional Advice

Accountability & Motivation

Your best healthier & leaner body is just a click away.... Please email me or link up with me on FB https://www.facebook.com/Jeanette.Fararr