Upcoming Events

CofC's Irish and Irish American Studies

Contra Dance sponsored by Irish and Irish American Studies

Friday, Nov. 20th, 7:30pm

3347 Rivers Avenue

North Charleston, SC

CofC's own Karin McQuade is a member of Good Foot, who's playing for this event. Come out, hear one of the best fiddlers in Charleston, and let your trotters welt the floor! Details below.
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Irish film! Irish conviviality!

OK, so we don't quite have a festival yet, but we've got a film night. Mark your calendar for the evening of the 4th of December. Irish and Irish American Studies, in conjunction with the Terrace Theater on James Island, will present the first-run, major film production, Brooklyn, the story of a 1950s Irish immigrant. (Time yet to be announced.) Come out for the film and stay for good talk and cheer at the Terrace bar.

Spring Courses

Undergrads at CofC are registering now. Take a look at our offerings in the Spring semester. Non-degree students might be especially interested in Stephen White's "The Irish in Charleston," which will meet once a week, Wednesdays, 5-7:45pm.

Executive Committee

Cara Delay, History

Joe Kelly, English

Mark Long, Political Science

Moore Quinn, Anthropology

Trish Ward, English

Stephen White, Charleston Historical Society

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Flowers greet CofC students to Doolin Pier, July 2013.