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Why Pick China?

China is a large country with the biggest population in the world. It has many education, work and living opportunities that could improve your life for the better. China also has beautiful landscapes and countrysides that you can escape to when feeling stressed or just want to get away from the city life. China has the great business opportunities and the chance to really get your dream company started. Many people think that China does not offer the same opportunities as Britain, but they are wrong. China offers everything that Britain offers and more, it has exceptional education, great work and meeting the local people can be interesting an fun. So get on the computer and contact generation UK on the British Council website now.

Generation UK

Generation UK is a British council run project that aims to encourage students to live, work and study in China. Every year students from around the world head to China to study. The number of UK students is small but growing and Generation UK aim to encourage more students to study in China.


Full scholarships will cover tuition fees, accommodation, monthly living stipend and medical insurance. There will also be partial scholarships covering tuition fees and medical insurance.