Behavior&Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

What does it all mean?

Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy consists of concrete goals, client participation, and educational information helping how to change, not what to change.

-Role Play

-Behavioral Reherasal

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

"One's own statements have just as much effect on attitude/behavior as others do"

Promote practical coping skills for problematic situations, lessen anxiety, diminish fear of taking tests and public speaking, and abolish eating disorders.

To feel is to think as to think is to feel

Working with you, for you


Strong therapeutic alliance between client and counselor

Psychological distress relates to disturbances in cognitive processes

Change conditions to produces desired changes in mood and behavior

Centered on the present, time-limited focus

Responsibility on client to assume active role

Focus on specific goals, using education from therapist to get there

Jenison Behavioral Analysits

Working with you, for you