Simon Cowell

Overcoming of obstacles

Simon Cowell's overcoming obstacles!

Simon cowell had a failed record company!

Simon Cowell's failed record company

Simon Phillip Cowell is an English television talent judge and mentor, music and television producer, and music talent scout. He had started a record company and he had failed by a disapproval on the manager! Then shortly after that he made $38 million a month and was no longer or hasn't gone broke/bankrupt since.

Simon Cowell faces X Factor selection struggle

Simon Cowell has been selected to be on the X factor. One thing was they had one too many judges and had asked Simon what to do and who should leave. They gave Simon a certain amount of time or they would let him go. Simon had 1 day and chose poorly as others thought. Simon was not let go but he was on a short thin line. Afterwards he made it to American Idol and Americas Got Talent and was a judge there. he has succeeded.
True Rags To Riches Story - Simon Cowell Speaks About Going Bankrupt and Getting Rich Again