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Friday, April 8, 2016

Classroom News

Please make sure your child has a light jacket for recess. These last few days have been cool and many students have nothing but a short sleeve shirts.

This week a form for Summer School was sent home last week. If you do not plan to have your child attend, please be sure to send the form back marking the box that your child will not attend. They need to be returned no later than Monday!!!

An orange paper from Dr. Henry, the superintendent, was sent home last week. This form asks if your child will be attending the Waynesville School District for the 2016-17 school district. These forms are needed back ASAP. They need to returned no later than Monday!!!

Book Orders are due Friday the 15th! This will be the LAST book orders of the year. You can order online at the link below. Our class code is NBJCJ.

Many students are advancing to higher levels on their reading books. As student progress to harder levels it is important to listen to them read and make sure they are correctly and fluently reading the words. (Many of the harder words will be from memorization, but I am looking for the sight words they are identifying in each book.) It is ok if students do not return a book everyday. I would rather they read the book fluently than worrying about having it returned daily. With the harder levels students might take longer to read each book and I don't want them to have to do homework for longer than 15-20 minutes a night.

Usbourne fundraiser is due Friday the 15th. Remember your child needs 300 minutes of reading. Count homework books!! If you need some extra minutes, please let me know. We can include minutes read at school. The web address to make a wish list is and your child will get 50% of their pledges!

Snacks are due on the first Monday of the month. However, we do NOT need snacks! Some parents have been very giving and have brought snacks more then one time in a month! Thank you so much for your donations of extra snacks!! I am running out of room to place snacks that do not fit in our snack bucket! :-)

Have a great weekend!

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 11th - Friday, April 15th - College Week at East (More information below!)

Friday, April 15th - Book Order Due

Friday, April 15th - East PTO Sock Hop 6-8pm

Friday, April 15th - Usborne Fundraiser Due

Friday, April 22nd - Earth Day

Friday, April 22nd - Field Trip to the Park

Monday, May 2nd - Thursday, May 12th - Book Fair at East

Friday, May 13th - Field Trip to Bennett Springs

Wednesday, May 25th - Attendance Party Celebrations

Thursday, May 26th - Last day of School (1/2 Day)

College Week

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Upcoming Field Trip - Park

We are planning a trip to the park on April 22nd. Permission slips will be sent home when we have final approval through the office. We will know if there will be a fee once we have approval. Students can bring a sack lunch or can get a sack lunch from the cafeteria for a normal lunch fee. Parent chaperones will not be needed for this trip, but will be welcome for our May 13th trip to Bennet Springs.

Super Improvers!

Congratulations to our friends moving up the wall!

Colin - Leader

LT - Learner

Shaniyah - Captain

Tonia - Captain

Emma - Leader

Brett - Captain


Can your child read this?

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Letter of the Week - Uu

Our letters for this next week is Uu. Please share the video below with your children. They will love to learn them and sing along!
"The Letter U Song" by

What Will We Learn Next Week?


Text-Based Comprehension: Plot

Phonics: /u/ Spelled Uu

Conventions: Nouns

Phonemic Awareness: Initial and Medial /u/

High-Frequency Words: when, out, about, by, put

Writing: Narrative Writing & 6+1 Traits for writing activity


Counting to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s


Science/Social Studies:


Quarterly Standards

R.F.K.1.d – Letter Recognition

R.F.K.3.a – Letter Sounds

K.ELA.1 – Name Writing

L.K.1.a – Letter Writing

RF.K.3.c – High-Frequency Words

K.CC.A.1 – Counting by 1’s and 10’s

K.CC.A.3 – Number Writing 0-20 in and out of order.

RF.K.1.b - Sounding out Words

RL.K.3 - Identify characters, setting, events in a story.

W.K.3 - Narrative Writing

K.CC.A.2 - Counting on from a given number.

K.CC.B.5 - Tell How Many (Student counts out objects)

K.OA.A.2a - Addition

K.OA.A.2b - Subtraction

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