Stay in School


A student drops out of school every 26 seconds a day-or 7,000 students a day. Some of the causes of students drop out of school is because they got a job and can not do them at the same time, they also might have got pulled out or pushed out. We can help them get back in school by telling them how school is good for them and that they are gonna want to walk and get their diploma and how it helps them in life. We can help keep them in school by spending more time with them. especially teachers, the teacher can help them feel like they are part of school. Most kids that drop out of school have a low self-esteem. some of the effects of kids dropping out of school are they couldnt make friends, did not feel safe, missed to many school days, or they felt like they didn't belong there. Staying in school helps you with your future. it helps you learn how to pay bills. pay with checks. it also prepares you for a family.

plan for action

Positive- if you go to school you will be able to get a good scholarship and get a good job.

Negative-if you don't go to school you will get no scholarship and you with work at a gas station.


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