Hour of Code

Computer Science Education Week: December 5th - 9th

What is Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is a global movement during Computer Science Education Week that encourages today's students to become interested in computer science. Through online tutorials and games, students learn basic coding skills, and are provided with resources to assist them in furthering their computer science education.

Why Hour of Code?

Computer science helps promote critical thinking, problem solving and creativity - which are all essential skills for 21st Century learners. Furthermore, many of our students future careers will involve technology. Introducing all students to computer science at an early age, promotes their interest, and helps reduce the diversity gap in STEM careers. Find out more HERE.


Instead of a traditional warm-up to your class, try Hour of Code for 20 minutes! Have your students individually or in a small group:

  1. Login to computer
  2. Go to https://code.org/learn
  3. Select any of the 160 game options!

If students complete the game, have them print of the certificate with their name and turn it in to Ms. Schultz or Mr. Kranish for community service hours, and to enter a raffle for a prize!

Computer Science Education Week

Monday, Dec. 5th, 7am to Friday, Dec. 9th, 2:30pm

1967 Patriot Drive

Charlotte, NC

Participate in 20 minutes of Hour of Code in your classroom as a warm-up! Students can earn community service hours if they turn in their completion certificate. If you would like either Ms. Schultz or Mr. Kranish to host an Hour of Code warm-up with your class, just let us know!