Friday, June 12, 2015

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Thank you for all your help with MacBook collection! I'm proud that our staff pulled together to make our collection go so smoothly and quickly. Thanks again!

Duties for week of June 15th

Complete your check-list before leaving Monday.


August 21st will be a Job-Alike/CRW date, ½ day ERPD

  • August ERPD August 21st will be a Job-Alike/CRW date, ½ day ERPD. This is our normal August ERPD where teachers can be in content-based PLCs to dig into the CG and CRW resources, materials, and strategies. Be thinking about innovative ideas for differentiation or great classroom management practices to kick off the start of school.

Professional Development

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Questions About Standard 6 and EVAAS?

Teachers have requested summer meetings to learn more about EVAAS. Regional sessions for teachers are listed below. Be informed and join us for discussions and Q & A about EVAAS! Lunch is provided. Teachers may register for the session that best fits his or her schedule. Registration is limited so early sign-up is encouraged.
    • Monday, June 15, Greenville N.C.

    • Wednesday, June 17, Durham N.C.

    • Friday, June 19, Hickory, NC

To register, please visit
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Professional Achievement Certificate Courses meet from 3:45-5:45 at ADR

  • PAC 2-Differentiation & Classroom Management
Course # TBD
9/10, 9/24, 10/8, 10/22
  • PAC 3 – Differentiation & Assessment
Course # TBD
9/10, 9/24, 10/8, 10/22
  • PAC 4 – Differentiation & Learning Strategies
Course # TBD
1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/10
  • Winter AIG-Focused PD

February 1st, 2016

3:00—5:30pm at ADR

Course # TBD

Possible Topics: anchor activities, choice boards, centers, creative problem solving, Differentiated Education Plan, higher level Blooms, independent contracts, Junior Great Books, literature circles, portfolios, project based learning, technology integration, tiered instruction & social/emotional needs of gifted learners.

Digital Learning Academy Summer Splash

Possible changes to the NC Accountability Model -

The NC BoE created a Task Force to explore options for assessment. While the recommendations and options remain exploratory and dependent upon politics, you probably want to be aware of what is possible. Read the summary here. There are many informative links embedded in the article, as well: the Draft Assessment Proposal and the Assessment Models Powerpoint, as well as the timeline, members on the Task Force, and a summary of the 601 page bill.

Who is Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center?

Click here for more information and a calendar of events.

Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center (AWOLC) is nestled within 1000 acres of Allison Woods in Statesville, North Carolina. AWOLC strives to promote education through the use of land and water as an outdoor classroom by offering a STEM-based curriculum. The unique diversity of habitats found onsite offers students many ways to experience the connection between people and the environment. First opening its doors to the community in 1992, the organization was conceived to encourage hands-on learning about the environment through lakes, streams, forests, trails and variety of both plant and animal life. With its rich history of Native American use, early 18th century settled development, agriculture and ecological diversity, this facility has a wide scope of elements readily at hand for diverse programs.


From Dr. Blattner:

  • Teachers with Mac devices that are wanting to upgrade to Yosemite may do so. Be sure to backup all of your files prior to the upgrade. Also, in this update it will upgrade your Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. This will require you to save it as a previous version of the program if you are going to send anything to students since they will not have the upgrade until next year. You are administrators of your computers, so you can use your Apple ID and your username and password to install the upgrade. If you are not comfortable with making the upgrade, backup your files and place a work order. We will make arrangements to pick it up upgrade it and get it back to you. We can usually get it back to you the same day depending on volume and time of day received.

  • There has been some confusion about teachers and adding software to the computer. Teachers are admins of their computers. If a teacher is wanting to add software to the computer. The teacher can use his/her work Apple ID and the his/her username and password to add software. Teachers are not required to use the filewave Kiosk to install software.

Summer Opportunity

Diana Eller, Director of Prime Time, is looking for someone to lead fun math or reading activities at her 4 Summer Camp sites once per week on Mon., Wed., or Fri.. She is looking for someone fun and motivated! Prime Time Summer Camps start June 15th and go through Aug. 14th (closed week of July 4th). The person chosen doesn’t necessarily have to work all 8 weeks of the camp. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Eller and she can discuss more information with you. Also share with any teachers who you feel may be interested.

Food For Thought

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