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December 8-12, 2014

ECSE 2014 Financial Comparative Data

Early Childhood Special Education programs have been seeing widespread growth across the state. One misperception is just because our program is 100% reimbursable by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we should "spend, spend, spend". My philosophy has always been conservative, because we are not permitted to get "preapproved" for spending from DESE, so each year we are taking a risk by increasing classrooms without knowing 100% if we will obtain that enrollment and receive reimbursement from DESE. This is why we are extremely conscientious of how we are spending our taxpayers dollars and more conservative with requesting additional supports for our classrooms, etc. Each request is a risk and we have to make sure it is an intelligent risk and that we will be reimbursed from the state.

Below is a chart of our comparison districts on their increased spending on ECSE funding for fiscal year 2014 compared to Park Hill. As you can see we were the 3rd lowest in spending compared to 7 other districts. While this may not be comparing apples to apples (due to different enrollment sizes, different increases, etc.), I also looked at our per pupil spending. Our per pupil spending was lower or at the same cost of most districts throughout the state of Missouri.

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December Calendar

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Dismissal Information for December 19th!

Although we do not have ECSE or Title I students on December 19th, all ECSE / Title I staff still work. The following times below are dismissal times for all Gerner staff.

  • ECSE & Title I Teachers, Therapists, etc. & Teacher Assistants: 11:55 a.m.
  • Administrative Assistants and Principal: Normal hours
  • Preschool Staff: Normal hours
  • LPN: Normal hours

January 2nd Work / Professional Development Day

Our SUPER PBIS team will be providing breakfast and a kick-off to 2nd semester with a morning of PBIS work on Friday, January 2nd from 9-11:30 a.m. Come prepared in your jeans and favorite Super Hero spirit wear (Super Cub or otherwise!) for a great refresher of Super Cub Expectations! Preschool teachers will be provided a substitute. Talk to April and she will sign you up!
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Cub Kudos

Kudos to Brenda Hurst for being the first smiling, happy face that I see each morning.
~Susan Matthews

Amanda R...Kudos for starting up the 401 club and initiating the Christmas Staff gathering. Way to build that Cub Spirit! ~Angie Currey

Sarah L… Thank you for all you do for Room 8. :) I really appreciate all you help, support and ideas. I would be lost without you. Vikki

Deven A...Kudos for doing such a great job circling around to all of the groups during center time. Your purposeful interaction with students and extension of learning is a model for others! ~Angie Currey

Cub Kudos to Ms. Terranella- Thank you for everything you do for us! We love you! Room 16

Rachel C…. Thank you for sharing your ideas and knowledge. You have been a great addition to our classroom. ~Vikki

I want to shout out to my entire late room team you guys rock, I couldn’t do this and have it run smooth and have such a controlled environment without you all! ~Elizabeth

Barbara...Kudos for the great modeling of vocabulary you do as you are walking through the halls with your students! I love hearing the learning take place even as they are walking to and from speech! ~Angie Currey

Laura M….I am so glad we get to work together. Thank you for all your help, ideas and patience. ~Vikki

Mary Jo...Kudos for your flexibility and willingness to help out wherever you are needed! ~ Angie Currey

Mary D…. Thank you for helping me think outside the box and adding my students to your circle time! It was very helpful for my other students. Glad you are my neighbor. :) ~Vikki

Elisa P...You are a true team player. :) ~Angie Currey

Mary Wissmann and Denise Smith...Kudos to your flexibility and kindness for being moved mid-year to another space. I know it's just "another thing" to deal with in the middle of progress notes and the holidays. Thanks for your understanding! ~Angie Currey

Thank you Dr. Currey and Julie for all your hard work getting new teachers, rearrange TA’s, and classroom. I know that it has been a hard task but one that has really been necessary. ~Mary Dagley

Jana...Great work on your advocacy for your family’s home that you noticed needed roof repair. Your negotiating the “system” for them was invaluable! Thank you. ~ Allison

Thank you Sara, Kelly and Mary Jo for all you do for the “Dagley dolls” :) AKA our morning girls. ~Mary Dagley

April...Kudos to reducing the delinquent payments by 50% in less than 2 weeks with your new process. You rock! ~Angie Currey

Kudos to Sharon, Cindy, Joanne, and Nancy for always being flexible with switching rooms when it is needed. You ladies are the BEST and I feel lucky to work with you each day! ~Janet

I just appreciate everyone so much at Gerner. I feel very blessed to work with all of you! Have a wonderful Christmas! ~Sharon Ledgerwood

Mr. Archer... Thank you so much for everything you do. Our students care for you so much and you show it right back! You are always calm and handle situations appropriately. You have been a rock the past couple of weeks and I am so glad you joined our class this year! YOU ROCK! ~Terrann

Kudos to Shannon on your hard work with food expansion for a student of ours! I like the way you think and love how open you are to input. You are a true team player! ~Janet

Kudos to Brenda Hurst for being the first smiling, happy face that I see each morning. ~Susan Matthews

Thank you Angela Saus, Shannon, Jackie, Elisa for being such a great team to work with. What a great resource you all are. ~Mary Dagley

Thank you Dee, Jenny, and Jana for helping me with all the DIAL-4 screens. I appreciate all your help in the spring, and all your help on Tuesday with the new Title One class. The work you do with families is amazing, and I want you all to know how much I value our partnership. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~Allison

Cub Kudos to Erin Davis for her outstanding work as a student teacher this semester. She has gone above and beyond! We will miss you!!!! ~Jennifer Thomas

Kudos to the Evaluation Team for rising to the occasion with the endless list of evaluations. You make it look easy! ~Janet

I have had the chance to work closely with Terrann Wood, Vikki Hascall, Sue Young, Susan Matthews, Sara Lantz, Rachel Cox, and Jennifer Thomas over the last few months. My heart is touched by their compassion and professionalism as they have brainstormed and implemented interventions to help their students be successful. ~Irene Keller

To Do List

ECSE Teachers & Therapists

December 19th ~ Data notebooks updated and complete

January 6th by 4 p.m. ~ Therapists' progress notes due to case managers

January 7th by 4 p.m. ~ Progress notes due to Julie for review

January 7th by 12 p.m. ~ Report cards completed for office staff to print

January 8th ~ Report cards sent home with students

January 16th ~ Classroom SMART Goals updated with current data

Preschool Teachers

December 19th ~ Data notebooks updated and complete

December 19th ~ Running records completed and student names for reading groups entered in google doc (in your shared folder in google docs)

January 7th by 12 p.m. ~ Report cards completed for office staff to print

January 8th ~ Report cards sent home with students

January 16th ~ Classroom SMART Goals updated with current data