Middleton Memo

Vol. 17 Week of 1/7/19 Mark AM this week

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year and welcome back! I hope you all had a great break. I'm looking forward to an awesome 2019!

Let's have a great week!


Week At-A-Glance

January 7th

  • K-Kids 1:45-2:45pm
  • Choir practice 1:40-2:40pm
  • Early Release at 1:40pm

January 8th

  • SST Andrews at 2:50

January 9th

  • Firefly Art at 2:50-3:50pm
  • PTC Meeting at 7pm

January 10th

  • Band Practice 7-8am
  • Early Engineers 2:50-3:50pm

January 11th

  • Band Practice 7-8am
  • IEP Murphy 3:00pm

Happy Birthday to ....

Shannon C. on January 1st

Angela C. on January 9th

Angela S. on January 10th

Cherill Morris on January 13th

Katy E. on January 14th

Melissa M. on January 27th

Lela J. on January 31st

Down The Road

  • January 14th Choir 1:45
  • January 14th K-Kids 1:45
  • January 15th Staff Meeting 3-4:15pm
  • January 15th Father/Son Xtreme Craze 5-7:30pm
  • January 16th All Kinder Classes to Roseville Theatre 9-11:30am
  • January 16th All Second Graders to Roseville Theatre 9:30-11:30am
  • January 16th Firefly Art 2:50-3:50pm
  • January 17th Band 7:00-8:00am
  • January 17th Early Engineers 2:50-3:50pm
  • January 18th Band Practice 7-8am