History Block 3

From the "Porfiriato" to the Mexican Revolution

"El Porfiriato": Stability, Economic Development and Foreign Investment.

  • During "El Porfiriato" Porfirio Diaz wanted to attract foreign investments that offered businessman facilities and advantages to do business in Mexico.
  • Mining, Electricity, Oil, The construction of railways, The production of yarns and fabrics and in general the communications like telephones they where the major activities of that time, they attracted investments of businessman for the U.S, France, Germany and England.
  • Thanks to the investments like foreign and national
  • By 1884 foreign investment was 100 million pesos
  • By the end of porfiriato investment rose 34 times
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"El Porfiriato": Science, Tecnology and Culture

  • In the late nineteenth century technology to transform life in our country.
  • Several transports were introduced to improve the traveling of people.
  • Communications and technology changed the Mexicans life.
  • with the use of electricity a more lively nightlife is favored
  • With all these advances social inequalities in the country became more apparent.
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The Porfiriana Society Movements and Protest: Peasant and Oberos

  • The estates were large tracts of land purchased by some employers to govierno.
  • They achieved increasing agricultural production but affected other sectors of the population.
  • This situation caused great discontent of the Mexican rural population.
  • Most people do not even own a plot to plant.
  • Workers and laborers were exploited for what they are organisaron in unions to defend their rights and used as a resource strike to demand better working conditions but were repressed by the Diaz government.
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