In to book Katie.com, a young girl finds herself in a sticky situation when she joins a chat room and starts talking to an older man over chat. It all started when Katie was feeling really low one day so she joined a chat room. Just browsing around she discovered that a guy wanted to chat with her. After a couple of days talking they learned to have a lot of feelings for each other. She came to find out that the man's name was Mark and he was a 23 year old and that he lived in California. They talked for weeks and finally Katie agreed to meet Mark at a hotel in Dallas. Katie, not wanting to go alone, went with her friend Ashley so she wouldnt be alone. When they arrived at the hotel, they received a call from Mark asking her to meet him in his hotel room. He was on a lower level so Katie, not knowing what she was doing, went down to meet him. Which was a big mistake. They got into a lot of trouble but Katie ended up being safe in the end. I think that people could learn a lot from this because by reading this story we can learn that its never good to meet some older guy in another city alone with just a friend. you shouldnt even be talking to them if you dont know them but if you do you should always let an adult know. Just to be safe.