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The Odyssy of Pat Tilman

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Character Analysis:

It takes a certain person to want to fight in the us armed forces. It's not something everyone is built for, well not physically but mentally you'd of course have to be able to with stand the the events that take place in war. A solider is someone who's brave, dedicated, patriotic, courageous, bearing, unselfish and loyal. Now that's Pat Tilman and then some. It takes a special kind of person to turn down a luxurious NFL life to stand on the front lines to protect your country. Pat Tilman is a hero. Pat Tilman was a 5'11 linebacker who played his college football at Arizona State University. Tilman was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. You see Tilmans loyalty when he turns down a $9 million contract from the St. Louis Rams.


The theme I choose is integrity. This is being chosen because you can see the integrity when Tilman turns down his multi-millon dollar NFL contract and enlist to become an US Army Solider. Tilman's integrity eventually leads to his death but his country's freedom is way more important.
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This takes place in his hometown and birthplace of Fremont California. It later advances to his college days at Arizona State University. This is also where the team that drafted him was located. Then later Tilman reaches Afghanistan which is unfortunately the place of his death.

Praise or Pan

Well this book can be a struggle to get through. The book can loose you if you aren't into military such as knowing military terminology. Tilmans story itself is interesting. This book is very descriptive. Overall I would recommend this because I feel as if his story should be heard by everyone. Myself I only knew of him due to my love for football but his story is much bigger than that and people should know.
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