Novio Boy

by Gary Soto


Rudy a ninth grader is going on a date, he wants advice from his friend Alex, but he finally learns to be him self ,then Patricia kisses him

The theme is Just be your self and not someone else and follow your own path. "It does not matter what you look like,its how you are and how you take each day".

Inner conflict -Does not ahve enough courage and confedence
External conflict - man vs. man - His mom does not want him to go out with Patricia.
Evidence: "You are too little to have friends.Pues,a freind like that

My favorite quote is " Estela: I dont have an attitude.My kids got attitude and my first husband had attitudes .But not me. i am sweetas flan

Vocabulary:Reminesces- Defenition, To talk or think about thing that happend in the past Srum Definition-an ordered formation of players, used to restart play