Tech-KNOW-ology Notes

March Issue

Checking Out Equipment (Laptops and iPad Carts)


Laptop carts and iPads must be checked out using the Equipment Checkout Calendars. Never, pick up a laptop or an iPad from a cart and just walk away with it. At the end of the day, please return the equipment to it's correct "home." If you don't know where the equipment belongs, please ask someone in the library and we will be glad to help you. It's very frustrating to your fellow teachers when they come to pick up equipment and things aren't where they belong. Even if you use a couple of laptops for centers, you still need to sign them out. The checkout calendars are our only way to track laptop and iPad usage and location.

If you have questions about technology, please see me. I'm always glad to answer questions. Don't forget that you can also refer to the Cooke Technology Page on the Teacher Portal for lots of resources and information regarding Technology @ Cooke School.

Checkout "Rules"

  • Please limit your checkout of the same equipment to three days in row
  • iPads can only be checked out for 1/2 day at a time (switch teachers can check out the cart for one full day to allow all students to access the iPads)
  • Equipment MUST be checked out BEFORE it is used
  • iPad carts CAN NOT stay in a classroom overnight. They must be returned to the LMC workroom at the end of the day (unless you have made arrangements with Ms. Faust).

Headphones for the Laptops & iPads

IMPORTANT - New Procedure!

We have one set of headphones that can be used with laptops or iPads. The headphones are now available for checkout through the the library. See Mrs. Guido to checkout the headphones and she will scan the bag before giving it to you. Please remember to return the bag to the library by the end of the day. We've had some trouble keeping up the headphones. Hopefully, this new checkout procedure will help us to keep track of where the headphones are located.

Be Aware...VBCPS has Social Media Guidelines

Do you tweet? Do you use Facebook? Do you post pics on Instagram? Then you need to be aware that VBCPS has Social Media Guidelines. Take a minute to read through the pamphlet. You don't want to put your professional life in jeopardy by something you do in your off time.

VBCPS Social Media Guidelines

SOL Review

It's that time of year, again. Time to start reviewing and preparing for SOLs. Don't forget that there is an SOL Resources page that is part of the Student and Teacher Portals. This is where you find the TestNav SOL Review Tests (the ones from the state) along with lots of other SOL review activities and resources. Everything on the page is organized by grade level so it is easy to find. Don't forget that the ActivExpressions are also a great tool to use for SOL review. I'll be glad to come in and lead your class in an activity using the ActivExpressions. I can also create or help you create flipcharts that you can use with the ActivExpressions.

Special Education Teachers

The state has created TestNav practice tests for the VMAST and audio tests. Links to these practice tests are also located on the SOL Resources page. The audio tests are organized by grade level and the VMAST tests are in a section by themselves at the bottom of the list.

Let's Graph!

Listed below are some interactive websites that focus on graphs and graphing. Check it out, There is something for all grade levels.

Kleenex needed for the Computer Lab

Flu season has wiped out our supply of Kleenex in the Computer Lab. If anyone has extra boxes of Kleenex in their classrooms that they would be willingly to donate to the Computer Lab it would be greatly appreciated.