JFK Assassination

Ashleigh Schable

Who, What, When, Where and Why

John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a car through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas on November 22nd, 1963. Being that there were 3 bullets fired, two from one direction and one from another, people believe that there was more than one person firing the gun that killed JFK. The police believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the one to shoot and kill president JFK.

Perspective #1 Media Portrayed

Some newspaper companies saw this as any other assassination, like when MLK was assassinated. They didn't seem to want to believe anything else. They stated that Lee Harvey Oswald did act alone in this assassination and that is what people wanted to believe.

Perspective #2 Media Portrayed

Other sources said the exact opposite. There was no way one person could have shot and killed JFK when the two bullets came from one direction and one came from another. The "magic bullet" couldn't have been shot from the same building as the first two. No one knew where this mysterious bullet came from but knew that it wasn't just one person committing the crime here. Some people didn't want to believe this because nothing could be proved.

Media Bias Explained

I believe that the media sways toward only one person committed this crime. No one could figure out where this "magic bullet" came from. People didn't want to hear or even think about this assassination having the slightest bit of conspiracy.

Criticism #1

Cultural criticism played a big part in this because if you look at who this is involving, it wasn't just an everyday person, it was the President of the United States who was assassinated. It has nothing to do with politics but it is just the fact that he is the one running the country, and someone disliked him enough to kill him. He was just making his way through Texas just as he would any other state, that is what the president was supposed to do. He was supposed to be around people and not have to worry about things like that happening to him.

Criticism #2

Historical criticism also played a part in the assassination because if you look back at pictures and read articles, you would find that there are not a ton of security guards around protecting the president. That was normal for this time period. There are a lot around but not as much as there are today guarding the president. Also, back then people got their information from the newspaper. There were a few stations on the radio talking about it but most people got the news through the newspaper. They didn't believe that the newspaper could be wrong so they believed what their newspaper told them.
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