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I wanted to welcome everyone (new and old) to Origami Owl. This team keeps growing and I haven't had the chance to say hello and introduce myself to everyone.

Lainie Angus

Team Leader

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#1 Check your Back Office and O2 Lounge

Be sure you are in the know! Stay informed with information directly from the NEST. They post daily updates in the O2 Lounge. Make sure you are subscribed to their "blog"

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#2 Connect with your team!

Be sure you are connecting with your MENTOR and are on our Facebook Team pages. (Team Believe - everyone on Tami Butcher's downline) and (Team Believe 2 Achieve - everyone on Kimberly Mazinter's (my mentor) downline.

I am happy to help as well!

#3 Your Display Table

Our colors are WHITE, LINEN and O2 BLUE (turquoise/aqua)

Keep your table simple, clean and balanced. Use the O2 branded colors to keep things consistent.

Table cloths, linen busts, jewelry displays and trays can usually be ordered from the Back Office under Business Supplies. They do tend to be out of stock a lot! I have found most of my display items from Nile Corp.


Remember: our Origami Owl JEWELRY BARS are a "Hands On Jewelry Making Experience" Make sure you invite your customers to "play" at your next Jewelry Bar.

You may want:

tablecloth - turquoise or white

white ceramic owl

chain display

trays with linen inserts

charm cases

frame for your Origami Owl sign

Your display can be anything from a simple table to an elaborate vendor booth.

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#4 Mobile Credit Card Processing

If you are going to sell your display items or provide cash and carry items, you will want to get a Square Card Reader or other type of swiper. I have used PayPal and Pay Anywhere and still prefer Square.

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#5 Wear your locket everyday!

This may seem pretty obvious because if you're wearing one already, you KNOW how often you get asked about it. Now when someone compliments you, you can say, "Thank you! I actually sell them". I personally like to say "My daughter and I sell them". I feel it tones the sales pitch a little, but that is just me!

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#6 Social Media

Personal communication with real people will get more jewelry bars booked. However, if you really want to be on everyone radar, you may want to consider a business Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. These are great places to share imagery, ideas and information.

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XOXO Lainie

Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with! Let's make 2014 {AWESOME}