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January 2015 - back to school edition!

A fresh start! Back to school edition!

So, a brand new Gregorian year! Welcome back :)

This Free and Easy newsletter is about brushing up on English and Mathematics for the year starting - there should be some tools that will be useful for your students to use!

For those new to the College, these newsletters are produced by the e-Learning team to showcase a variety of free online tools and offer advice on how they can be used in your teaching.

This is where to find us:

Inspire-Learning Space (Room 1.014a) - the area where the E-Learning team and the Head of Learning, Teaching and Assessment are based. You can also use this area to try out new technologies.

Inspire training Space (Room 1.012) - is used for training purposes, encourage peer to peer communications and used to showcase teaching and learning technologies.

Pop in and have a chat!

In this Free and Easy...

Fraction Planet - play games to learn fractions

Free fraction games

This is a free website that allows the user to play games to learn more about fractions. This could be used to encourage learning outside of class or perhaps as a warm up exercise for students.

There is a demo version to play before you sign up to it. Just click 'Play now' then click 'Demo'. Give it a try now to see what you think!

Please visit:
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Arcademics - a great blend of games and academic work

Gamification is becoming more and more prominent nowadays, where educational apps are being created with a game in mind. Arcademics is a blend of "arcade" and "academics" to provide educational games.

Some of the games on here are rudimentary in terms of their level, but there are a number of games that may be useful for reinforcing a point in a lesson. Pop this link into your Blackboard course and allow your students to play for hours whilst learning!

Go along to to play some games yourself!

Below is an example of one of the free games, 'Integer Warp' which pits you against other players or AI. The quicker you get the answers correct, the faster your ship goes. First person over the line is the winner! This is incredibly addictive...

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BBC Skillswise - great support from the BBC

This is a great resource for learning or enhancing core skills including Maths, English and general job skills.

Everything from learning the Time and Date, tricky words to watch out for, money, grammar and more.

The BBC website is a free resource that doesn't need to be signed into in order for it to work. This makes it a great quick way of jumping into a subject without having to worry about going through all those login pages!

Want to know more? Go to:

Below is an example from the website, in this case, about Plurals. The whole site is easy to navigate, with each step being very clear and straightforward. Not bad for free!

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If you have any questions or suggestions of things we can feature in Free and Easy - or if you have a tool that you love using - let us know!

Drop in to see us in room 1.014A or drop an email to our E-Learning Technologist, Michael Egan, using the info below.