Lake Pointe Elementary

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Message from Dr. A.

Dear OWL Families,

We are so excited to begin the first day of in person instruction with the OWLS on September 8. The halls of Lake Pointe will soon be filled with the delightful sound of children and we couldn’t be more ready! We have missed our OWLS and families so much. To help prepare everyone for the first day, please check out the Top Ten Things Parents Need to Know before September 8. If you would like more information, our detailed Safe Reopening Plan is at the link below. Together as One Team, we will work together to keep the OWLS safe, happy, and growing as learners. For our OWLS learning at home, we look forward to seeing you on screen and want you to know that you are in our hearts.

See you soon,

Dr. A.


20-21 Goal: Help the OWLS reach 10,000,000 Acts of Kindness by May 2021!

Lake Pointe Elementary Safe Return to School Operational Procedures Plan

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LPE Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Mission Statement

To inspire every student to achieve their highest potential.


We are One Team where all members are committed to igniting rigorous learning through meaningful relationships and a positive nurturing culture.


ONE TEAM works together in kindness.

WISE WORKERS make the most of their learning time.

LUMINOUS LEADERS model the golden rule in all choices. SAGACIOUS SCHOLARS seek understanding and show what they know.

Top 10 Things for Parents to Know about In-Person Learning


We are working hard to facilitate social distancing in classrooms by moving our extra furniture and removing items that would be difficult to clean (rugs, pillows, etc.). Students will have portable partitions at their desks which can be moved with them to various parts of the room and school.


Kiss and Drop Off is implemented from the first day of in person school.

Parent will kiss, hug and wave goodbye to their children from the car or the

school entrance. We are keeping our buildings as clean as possible and will

have staff at every entrance to make sure all of our OWLS arrive safely to



All staff and students wear face coverings in common areas in

the building, in classrooms, and entering and exiting the

building. Another way we are keeping everyone safe!


To minimize congestion, we have multiple doors open for

students to enter the building, not just the front door. Dismissal

will be staggered to help maintain social distancing.


Upon entering any door in the morning, our OWLS will be warmly

greeted by a staff member and given a squirt of hand sanitizer.

#5- LET'S EAT!

Lunchtime is a great time for students to visit with each other and

socialize. We have implemented social distancing at lunch by seating

students farther apart at tables and distancing tables. This also means that

parents are not able to have lunch with students at this time.


We know that being outside and socializing with friends is important,

so we are maintaining all our recesses. Students will recess with their

classmates under the supervision of their teacher and face coverings

are not required when actively playing outside.


To keep our buildings as clean as possible, we are allowing no

visitors at this time. If parents need to check out children early,

they will come directly to the front office.


Students will stay in their classroom with their "family" and teachers

will come to them for rotations. This allows students to stay in their

area and use their own supplies and helps keep everyone safe.


We can't wait to see your children!

We have missed our OWLS so much!

PPE Update

We are eager to welcome students who are joining us in-person on September 8, while still maintaining our connections and high levels of learning with those who are continuing in Choice Remote option. If you are sending your child to join us in person, please remember to send him/her to school with a mask and a face shield if possible. The campus can provide these for your child if needed.

As you prepare to join us on campus, be assured that we have worked to implement many health safety measures to protect your child and our staff. We have shared these with you as part of our Campus Safety Plan on our website and at the link in this newsletter, and they also are posted on our district Reconnect 2020 website. One of the measures that goes over and above CDC and health requirements is the use of clear desk partitions. Our district ordered these in July and they were expected to arrive August 21. We just learned that there is a manufacturer delay on the partitions. We hope to have these by mid-September and will immediately begin using these in our classrooms once they arrive. While we planned to have this extra measure in place as an added precaution, we are confident in the PPE and health safety protocols we have implemented on campus. Each classroom has EPA-approved cleaning products for use on high-touch areas, students will not share supplies, and students will be seated spaced apart and wearing face coverings, and will not be gathering in groups. With the cooperation of everyone with our campus safety measures, we are confident in our readiness for in-person learners.

School Supplies & Remote Learning Materials

Each teacher will contact parents regarding dropping off school supplies and picking up remote learning materials. Please be on the look out for an email from your child's teacher this week.

COVID Guidelines for Handling Cash

If students use cash to purchase lunch all change will be put on their lunch account and not handed back to the student.

Arrival Information

Campus staff will be ready to greet students every morning starting at 7:45. Students will go directly to their classroom. If students need breakfast they will go to the cafeteria to pick-up a sack breakfast and take it to their classroom to eat. Please see the picture below for the multiple entrances. We have added three additional points of entry.

1-This is the front of the building. Students arriving by car are dropped off in the front. Students may enter through the front doors or the door on the front eastern end of the building. This door is a more direct route to the cafeteria.

2-On the west side of the school is a small parking lot. There will be a staff member outside directing traffic. Staff members will be at both doors greeting students as they enter the academic wing of the building. This is a new drop-off location this year. Please be patient with the traffic that may develop on Centerboard Drive.

Please note the parking lot in the back of the building is reserved for morning bus drop-off and staff parking. Parents, please do not drop off students in the back as the back doors will be locked.

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Dismissal Information

There are 6 types of dismissal modes for our students this year: walkers, bikers, walking parent pick-up, YMCA, bus/daycare van, and car rider. A staggered dismissal plan will be utilized this year. This will allow hallway transitions to occur with a reduced hallway occupancy. On the first day of school, all students including car riders and walkers meeting parents (at the crosswalk at Centerboard and Mountain Bluff (A) or Sugarcane Dr (B) will receive two CARDS with your child’s name and homeroom teacher on it. Beginning September 9th we ask that you have the card displayed on the dash of your car or carry it with you (if a walk up) so that we can help identify where each child goes. In time, we will learn where each child goes, but until that time, this system will expedite the process in a safe manner. Thank you for your support and patience as we implement the new staggered dismissal process. Although dismissal may take longer than normal at the beginning, please know we will be working to make the process efficient while maintaining safety guidelines.

The option for parent pick-up at the flag pole is no longer an option due to COVID-19 safety guidelines for social distancing. Staff will facilitate a walking parent pick-up at two locations: Crosswalk at Centerboard & Mountain Bluff and Sugarcane Dr.

Please see the dismissal map below.

3:25- Walkers, Bikers, Walking Parent Pick-Up


3:35- Bus & Daycare Vans

3:38- Car Riders- Please expect additional wait time as students are being dismissed from inside the building to allow for proper social distancing. (K-2 Car Riders picked up in the front of the building; 3-5 Car Riders picked up in the back. For families with multiple age children, please select a car rider pick up location-front or back- and communicate this to your children's teachers.)

Walking Parent Pick-Up- Parents are able to pick up their students at two locations: Crosswalk at Centerboard & Mountain Bluff (A) and Sugarcane Dr. at the edge of the school sidewalk (B). Students will be escorted by staff to meet parents. Students will not be left here to wait on parents. If parents are not present at time of arrival to this location the student will return to the front office and the school will contact the parent.


A-Crosswalk at Centerboard and Mountain Bluff

B-Sugarcane Dr.

1-K-2 Car Riders

2- Bus & Day Care Vans

3- 3-5 Car Riders

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