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GMS ~ April 16, 2021

Note from the Principal

Greetings GMS Families,

We recognize that Wednesday, April 28 will reflect transitions and adjustments for everyone, whether your student is coming to school for in-person instruction or continuing to access their classes remotely.

This week we mailed home report cards and in that mailing you will find a hard copy of the GMS schedule that we will all begin using on Wednesday, April 28. We include it in this newsletter as well. Note that the school day will begin earlier for all students, whether they are attending school in-person or continuing to study remotely.

Students who are attending school in-person and those who are continuing to access instruction remotely will continue to have their same teachers and be in classes with the classmates they have been with throughout the year. Please note that we will have full days of school on Wednesdays beginning Wednesday, April 28.

On Monday, April 26 at 5:00 pm we welcome 5th graders to visit our school building. From 5:00-6:00 pm on Monday, April 26 our 5th grade team of educators will be taking students through the building for brief tours. This tour will introduce students to where they will eat breakfast and lunch (the gym), where their classrooms are, and how they can navigate the building. Family members will wait outside while our teachers guide the students through the building. We will gather at the Sanderson Street entrance. If you plan to attend, please complete this brief survey. We will be providing transportation from selected locations.

This newsletter contains important information about what you and your student can expect when we transition to the new schedule on Wednesday, April 28. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful school vacation week!

At GMS, we are learning together.


Principal Lynn Dole

Information about what to expect beginning on Wednesday, April 28:

If your student is returning to in-person learning,

Chromebooks: They will need to use a Chromebook issued by the school district when they are in the school building.

  • If your student does not already have a GPS-issued Chromebook, please contact your student’s advisory teacher to request one. You will need to complete the Acceptable Use Policy that our staff will send you before we can issue a Chromebook.
  • If your student already has a GPS-issued Chromebook, please be sure that they bring the device and charging cord to school on Wednesday, April 28.

Students may leave their Chromebooks at school to charge overnight in their advisory classrooms. Students will not be using their lockers this spring, so we ask that you and your student think about what items they will need to carry to school.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures:

1. If your student is going to be taking the bus,

  • Bus routes will be posted on the GPS and Kuzmeskus websites early next week. The Interim Superintendent will send out a message to families to alert them to look there once the bus routes are posted.
  • Additionally, families the bus company wants families to know: If your child has previously been on a bus they can expect it to be similar to when they last rode HOWEVER, the number of students riding will impact the times (give or take) so please be patient as the pick up times will fluctuate during the first week as everyone settles into the new routines.
  • Students must wear masks on the school bus.
  • Buses will be using the parking lot side of the school building.

2. If you will be dropping your student off at school,
  • The drop-off and pick-up location is the driveway off of Sanderson Street, as it was last year.
  • In the morning, we will be opening the doors at 7:40.
  • In the afternoon, we will begin releasing students at staggered times beginning at 2:05.

Reminders about our drop-off and pick-up routines:

  • Park right, pass left. We do not want any student to be crossing a travel lane. Please drop your student off at the curb in the pull-in area off Sanderson Street. Then you can move into the travel lane on the left to leave. We encourage you to use your directional for greater safety.
  • Pull forward. If someone pulls out to leave, please drive forward into that spot and closer toward the school to make it easier for others behind you to find space.
  • Don’t stop to drop off or pick up your student in the left travel lane -- that blocks the flow and puts your child at risk as they must cross in front of moving vehicles.
  • Please let vehicles that are turning from the Federal Street end of Sanderson Street enter the pull-in area. Last year I observed many acts of graciousness as folks let these turning vehicles enter and take a space in the line of cars approaching the curb. Thank you for this consideration as this allows for a safe flow of traffic in both directions on Sanderson Street.

3. If your student will be walking to and from school,
  • Students should come to the Sanderson Street entrance in the morning.
  • Students will be released through the Federal Street door at the end of the day.

If your student is going to continue to access instruction remotely,

  • When there are transitions, mask breaks, or recess occurring for students attending school in-person, this will typically be a body break or movement break time for students who are studying remotely. Your child’s teacher may communicate more detailed instructions based on specific circumstances for their class.
  • On Wednesday, April 28 the morning advisory period may begin somewhat later than usual as we facilitate transitions for students who are adjusting to being in the building.
Here’s a guide for our students as they approach the beginning of the school day in the building. Our staff will guide our students through the building to orient them to the new travel patterns.
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Bulletin Boards are Popping Up all over GMS! Here's a sneak peek...

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Tulips planted by Garden Club last November

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Important Dates

April School Vacation Week: April 19-23
Return to in-person learning: Wednesday, April 28
Picture Day In-Person Students: Tuesday, May 4
Picture Day Remote Students: Wednesday, May 5

Last Day of School: Friday, June 18

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