Senior Reminders

May 10, 2021

Return all school materials ASAP! Avoid a long line, do it now!



Group 1: A-GL 9:00 AM Click here to see the list of names for ceremony 1.

Group 2: Go-O 10:00 AM Click here to see the list of names for ceremony 2.

Group 3: P-Z 11:00 AM Click here to see the list of names for ceremony 3.

Special Notes:

  • Students must wear a mask and complete the self assessment on rehearsal day.
  • Students will receive their 4 graduation tickets at rehearsal. There are no extra tickets available for graduation this year due to capacity limits. If someone is giving you their tickets, please be sure that they are from the same show as your student.
  • Students who do not attend rehearsal will be assumed to not be participating in the graduation ceremony.
  • Some students do not have their cap and gown, we have them in the office. They need to be unpacked and de-wrinkled before the ceremony. Please pick them up.
  • Students must turn in their materials and make arrangements on all bills in order to participate in the ceremony.


Last name A - GL 2:00 PM

Last name GO - O 3:30 PM

Last name P-Z 5:00 PM

Things to know:

  • Students should arrive 30 minutes before their ceremony and check in at the Commons. Graduates only should enter through Door 1 (auditorium doors).
  • Parents and family members must enter through Door 2. Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes in advance of your ceremony. Doors will not be opened any earlier than 30 minutes before the ceremony. The prior ceremony must be cleared before the next group can enter the building.
  • Students will only have 4 tickets and tickets must be shown to enter. Small children and babies must have a ticket.
  • Students are not allowed to stay for other student ceremonies unless they have a ticket to that ceremony.
  • This is a formal ceremony and students should dress appropriately for that level of ceremony.
  • Families will be exit with the graduates through the outside gym doors. Please arrange a place to meet your student. Parking would be best closest to the football stadium to avoid crowds.
  • For this year, and for this year ONLY, Seniors may choose to decorate their caps. However, there are strict rules in place for this. If any Administrator/school staff member deems the decoration on the cap inappropriate for the graduation ceremony, the cap will be confiscated and returned after the ceremony. Students will NOT given an additional cap for the ceremony.

    • All decoration must be completely flat (i.e., 2 dimensional, nothing over the edge, nothing sticking up, no bows, flowers, beads, etc. that are 3 dimensional).
    • All decoration must only be either an inspirational quote or address the student's plans for after high school.
    • No pictures, words, or representations for any issues that are political, controversial, or possibly offensive to any other person or group.
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AP Testing Continues.....

All students, including Seniors, will continue to take AP tests, possibly even after the last day of school, May 24th. Seniors can still come to the building to take their tests in person rather than digitally. They should check in at the Main Office upon entering. If they need to keep their school computer to take the test, they definitely should, and then return it as soon as possible.