Digital Teaching and Learning

September 22, 2021

Looking for a new way to provide personalized feedback to students?

Check out Classkick, a new HCPS web tool.

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How do you set up your initial account with Classkick?

To establish your account, navigate to Select Sign Up with Clever. Be sure to choose the correct school. Be sure to choose YOUR school when prompted. Please do not join Harford County Public Schools or create a new organization.

Classkick is a great tool for personalized student learning and teacher feedback!

What is important to know about Classkick?

  • Classkick is an approved HCPS web tool.
  • Open Clever to login to Classkick. (Watch the Introducing Clever video, so you know how we use Clever.)
  • Classkick allows you to make slides for a class, where students can work at their own pace:
    - Add default background, like digital graph and lined paper.
    - Add images and PDF documents you would like to make interactive.
    - Easily add audio feedback to individual student slides.
    - Add manipulatives so students can drag words or images to a correct location.
    - Add fill in the blank boxes that will show you who has correct or incorrect answers.
    - Add multiple choice questions that will show you who has correct or incorrect answers.
    - See what your students are doing in real time and give them immediate feedback!

How to use this tool: The Basics

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If you need to merge a previous account with the new district account, contact

Want to learn more about the affordances of Classkick?

ClassKick will be hosting 45-minute webinars to showcase the tool. No registration needed. Join via the link included.


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