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Mrs. Illi & Mrs. Yula's Kindergarten Classroom Newsletter

February 19, 2016

Library Books Due...

PM Class - Monday, 2/22

AM Class - Wednesday, 2/24

100th Day !

What an amazing job all the children did on their projects this year! They were so proud to share what they accomplished with their classmates.

We also had such a fun time making a 100th Day snack together. The children sorted 10 pieces of 10 kinds of snacks to make a 100-piece snack on their place mat. What an awesome day!

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What Have We Been Up To?


  • The children are getting so good at finding and circling 5-groups. We also worked hard with equal and not-equal signs. It was so wonderful to hear the children calling out answers and reasoning as to why their answers were correct.


  • Ff

Phonological Awareness

  • We listened for the sound /f/ all week!

High Frequency Words

  • I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is, my, we, have, like he, for, me, she, with, see, look


  • We wrote about the 100th Day...'I wish I had 100 ________', 'What I would buy with $100', 'I can do 100 _______', 'I can eat 100 ________.'

Books We've Been Reading

  • Farfalini and Marcel, The Night Before the 100th Day of School, The 100th Day of School


  • We added -s to the end of verbs so that they made sense in a sentence!
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February & March...

2/20 – Talent Show at PVS Show #1 @2pm Show #2 @5pm

2/26 – School Spirit - School Color Day‖

2/29 - Wear Your Favorite Hat in Honor of the Cat in the Hat

3/1 - Wear Red & Blue in Honor of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

3/2 - Grab a Friend and Dress as a Twin in Honor of Thing One and Thing Two

3/3 - Wear Crazy Socks in Honor of Fox in Socks

3/4 - Wear Green in Honor of Green Eggs and Ham

3/4 - Mother Goose Visits the Kindergartners at HTS

3/11 - School Spirit - Mismatch Day