Daniel Duron

Intro to Stargirl

The story starts at Mica a little town in Airozona. At Mica high school there is a boy named Leo. He has lived in Mica his whole life.

The beggining

On a regular day at school something happened that will change everything. During lunch Leo and his friend Kevin were just talking and eating lunch then Stargirl showed up! That's when this whole thing started. The past couple of days have been really weird. Stargirl gets her ukalele and plays happy birthday to a person on their birthday.

The middle

Leo has found out hat Stargirl thinks he's cute. So then somehow they start going out. They go out in the desert and meditate and do a lot of weird stuff. But ever since Leo has been going out with Stargirl he has been ignored by everyone now.

In comes Archy

Archy is one of Leo's best friends. Archy is a paleontologist and he has a bunch of bones and stuff like that in his house. Leo doesn't know that Stargirl is Archy's friend also.So they both see him not knowing that the other one does too. The next day at school Leo says something really wrong. He made it to where Stargirl is changed into a normal everyday girl.

The whole thing wraps up

After a couple days being Susan caraway instead of Stargirl she went home and the next day shes Stargirl again. Leo is so mad that he doesn't talk to her anymore. So now Leo is an adult no girlfriend lonely and old. He still sees Archy and Kevin. Now everyday he sits and wonders and thinks about her.