Teaching of Writing Series

Rescheduled- January 22, 2020



(Grades 6-12)

Date: January 22, 2020

Time: 8:30-3:30

REGISTRATION FEE: $75 in North Georgia RESA area (lunch included)

$150 out of North Georgia RESA area (lunch included)

PRESENTER: KB Ballentine

For more information on this presenter, please visit the following website: http://www.kbballentine.com/.

Description: “When we go into schools, our focus is to get students to write, not to teach the theory of poetry.” –Faith Vincinanza, Poet

During this session, poet KB Ballentine will facilitate discussion, model strategies, and lead teachers through classroom practices on the following topics:

(1) poetry’s effect on people;

(2) how interpretations of poetry can differ;

(3) how people lose interest as they grow older (no time to wonder, dream, imagine;

too burned out and/or disillusioned;

(4) how to teach other aspects of writing through poetry (i.e. parts of speech, syllables,

reading skills, diction, etc.);

(5) how to choose poems students can relate to and/or appreciate; and

(6) how to be open to unusual topics, grammar and punctuation, line breaks, word choices, and memorization.

For those interested in adding to your classroom libraries or for personal enjoyment, Kari will have copies of her books of poetry for purchase. For additional information on her books, please visit http://www.kbballentine.com/books.

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