Patricia E. Bath

D.O.B: November 4, 1942 Age: 72 YO P.0.B: Harlem, NY, USA

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The LaserPhaco Probe

Although this invention may have a weird name, it was created in 1981 at UCLA. It removes the cataract lenses and puts new ones in, removing blindness. Although this was mostly invented in UCLA, it was taken all over the globe while it was in progress. This is why she is famous: for revolutionizing the way humans take out cataracts.

What the Heck is a Cataract?

A cataract can be characterized by a cloudiness that occurs within the lens of an eye, causing blurred vision and often blindness.
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Interesting Facts:

Interesting FActs (cont'd)


Believe in the power of truth... Do not allow your mind to be imprisoned by majority thinking. Remember that the limits of science are not the limits of imagination.

-Dr. Patricia E Bath

Struggles and Sucesses

Growing Up in Harlem, NY

Growing up in Harlem is hard. It was very, very poverty stricken at the time of WWII. Yet, Patricia prevailed, graduating high school (in another city) and inventing the LaserPhaco Probe.

Giving Em' All Away

Patricia gave some of her LaserPhaco Probes to hospitals for the blind. This was incredibly helpful because African-Americans are twice as likely to get blindness. What a nice thing to do!
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