Crazy Fun Night

By: Joselinne Oyuela

Fun Night Fundraiser

Fun Night is a fundraiser for Grissom Elementary. Students, teachers, parents,and even grand parents attend Fun Night! At Fun Night you can play laser tag,throw darts at balloons, and even toilet throws! There's food for you to eat with families: pizza, popcorn, soda, and cotton candy! Fun Night started on Friday, October 23rd from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Fun Night was for a fundraiser. The fundraiser (Fun Night), raised lots of money for the school/class field trips and for more school supplies! Let's give a thank you to the PTA for working hard on setting up the fundraiser! Don't forget to thank parents, teachers, students, and everyone else who participated in Fun Night!

Fun Night

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 6-8pm

6646 South 73rd East Avenue

Tulsa, OK

Lila and I interveiwed Mr.Rowland about Fun Night. We asked him if he had to come up with the game jail. He said, " Jail has been around for a long time". We also asked who helped him with jail. He said that one of the daughter's dads set up the jail. He also said that one