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May 2022

Thank You, Attleboro High School, for Hosting the Monthly CVTE Implementation Committee Meeting!

May Meeting Minutes

Division of Duties

Nikita Viera, MPH | Academic Coordinator, CVTE Programs

  • CVTE programming
  • Course offerings and course sequencing.
  • Articulation Agreements
  • Articulation Credit Awarding
  • Coordinate both the CVTE Implementation Committee and Bristol's CVTE Advisory Board.
  • CVTE Data Reporting and assist Academic Affairs with Perkins grant budget allocations
  • Promote CVTE programs through hosting CVTE Exploration and Discovery Days
  • Manage our CVTE/Perkins linkages with out Secondary partners.
  • Sit on the VTE Advisory Board for the Commonwealth's DESE.
  • Advise CVTE seniors through their transfer and articulation process.

Kimberly Griffith, Psy.D. | Academic Advisor

  • Academic Advising
  • Student & Family Info-Sessions
  • Student Support: Progress Reporting
  • Faculty Development & Support

Student Data Collection

  • Those of you who may be responsible for collecting and providing data to DESE related to CVTE programs, Innovation Pathways, and Early College programs, one of the reporting area includes course information and will require specific coding to identify any courses that are being offered to supplement or meet the student's technical course requirement for Perkins, Early College or Innovation Pathway programs.
  • The web-based system used to collect this data is called, The Student Course System (SCS). The coding that DESE would like you to use to identify these specific courses in the data element of SCS is SCS14. Please share this with your designated data or analytics specialist.

Entrepreneurship Program Pathway

  • The committee discussed the potential of participating in a Certificate Pathway program focused on Entrepreneurship. The program will have a soft roll out in the Fall of 2023 to gage the interest from students throughout the region.
  • The committee discussed concerns related to the comprehensive secondary school guidelines which mandates that 900 hours be met in the student's trade, and whether this program would be able to supplement some of that requirement.
  • The proposed timeline to fully implement this program is scheduled for the Fall of 2024.

Fall Course Line-up

  • EGR 141: Introduction to Environment I
  • SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I
  • POR 101: Elementary Portuguese
  • MAN 101: Principles of Management

Summer Course Offerings

Below is the list of College Access programs and courses available through those designated programs. The deadline for summer registration is July 11th. Please visit our website for the most recent student application.

CDEP - Open to all eligible students.

Summer Session I: May 31

  • BIO 117 (61881)
  • SOC 101 (61879) - Testing Required
  • PSY 101 (61880) - Testing Required

Early College - Durfee Designated

Summer Session I: May 31

  • HST 111 (61878)

Perkins - Open to eligible CVTE students

Summer Session III: July11th

  • CSS 101 (61892)
  • HST 111 (61884) - Testing Required
  • PSY 101 (61885) - Testing Required
  • BIO 111 (61883)
  • COM 101 (61900) - Testing Required
  • ENG 101 (61889) - Testing Required
  • SPA 101 (61890)
  • SPA 102 (61891)

Access Academy - Open to all eligible students.

Summer Session III: July 11

  • MTH 152 (61882) - Testing Required

College Access Eligibility Guidelines

Students must be:

  • Currently enrolled in a public secondary school, non-public school, or home school.
  • Must not have earned a high school diploma.
  • Must meet all course prerequisites per the course policies of Bristol Community College.
  • Have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.0 or show potential for academic success.
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 at Bristol to continue in dual enrollment.
  • Contact your High School Guidance Counselor to participate.
  • Submit a completed Bristol Dual Enrollment Application which includes: **
    • Student Application
    • Guidance Department Authorization Form
    • Copy of most recent Transcript
    • Official copy of any applicable testing scores

** Incomplete applications will not be processed. All documents should be legible and submitted to

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Articulated Credit Requests

It's that time of year again, when graduation season begins and students venture off to embark on their careers or pursue higher education opportunities. Should a student be interested in matriculating into Bristol to further their skillset within their trade, I would love to connect with them and get that process started through the awarding of any applicable articulated credits.

Below, you will find the Articulated Credit Request form for your students. Students interested in obtaining transfer credits must submit a copy of their final transcript with the form to If you would like me to come in to be available to answer any questions for your senior or rising juniors, I'd be happy to make myself available.

Introduction Page

As requested, below you will find a photo that introduces my role to your graduates, along with a list of commonly articulated programs. Feel free to save it and embed it in follow up communication with your students. I have also attached a PDF version in case you would like to print physical copies to enclose in their farewell package.
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Year-End CVTE Implementation Meeting Planning

The CVTE Implementation Committee have resumed meeting in-person. Our last meeting for the academic year will be held at BMC Durfee High School. Please keep in mind that RSVPs will be required for ALL Spring meetings, as the hosting schools will need to plan for the meeting based on participant headcount. Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming meetings, please feel free to contact Nikita at

Upcoming Events

CVTE Implementation Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 8th, 11:30am

460 Elsbree Street

Fall River, MA

Kindly RSVP by May 27th!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.