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Physical and Chemical properties


Atomic Mass- 24

Atomic Radius)- 145 pm

Density- 1.738 g/cc

Melting Point- 650 Celsius

Boiling Point- 1090 Celsius

At room temperature- Solid

Appearance- Silvery stone like appearance

Malleability- Malleable when heated

Hardness - Hard


Flammability: Highly flammable

Reactivity: Reacts slowly in cold water

Atomic Structure

Atomic #- 12

Mass#- 24





Valance 2 Block s Group 2 Period 3
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History and discovery

When- 1755

Where- England

Who- Joseph Black

How- A man named Sir Humphrey David used a battery to pass electricity through salt to isolate the element.

Application and uses

The element is important for the chemical industry and plant and animal life; it is found in the Earth's crust.

Isotopes and compounds

No isotopes were found. Grignard reagents are a compound in magnesium used in the chemical industry.

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Fun Facts

Name of magnesium deprived from a district in Greece named Magnesia.
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Now a video of magnesium burning dry ice

Burning Magnesium in Dry Ice - Science Experiment