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Should video gaming be capable to be a sport?

Who Am I?

My name is Bryan Muñoz, I'm a student that go to F.L Schlagle High School, sophomore. I am 16 year old. I enjoy playing video game and soccer with friends and family. But I often play video game a lot, so you can call me a gamer. There a lot of video game I play, but there is one game I enjoy the most, it is call "League Of Legend", F.L Schlagle High School use to have a E-sport club for it, I join the club with my favorite teacher Mr.Buck as the host and manager of E-sport Club for F.L Schlagle High School. But other game I also play are “HeartStone”, “Counter Strike”. All these games I named can only be played on PC.

Essential Question

Should Video gaming be capable to be a sport?
I choose this question, because I really enjoy playing video games, and also there are some high school and college where they allow student play video game, and also construed it as a sport or a club for their school. Also Student can go and play for a Pro-team of the game which they are playing, or even get a scholarship for college just playing a video game.

Explanation of Topic

Over time video games have been getting popular and also a lot of people have been playing video games. Now people been having tournament and also make Pro Team’s for Video Games. Video Games like “League of Legend” and “HeartStone”, “Counter Strike” and even “Dote”. All of these games had been getting popular and people are being Pro-Player playing just video game and also getting a lot of money too. In some of the big tournament in each game, they play against around the word player and also earn lot of money. Also there had been some high schools and also colleges that allow and also making playing video games a sport and also a club too. Also there are some colleges that you can get scholarship from just playing video games and colleges have their own league tournament depend on their game they are playing. Almost all the game that are getting popular are played on PC.

I hope to gain from this research that Video Gaming can be capable to be a sport and How is E-sport different form other Sport stuff, and hear people beliefs and differences about their thoughts on video games.
I hope that other people understand what is E-sport, and Video games is not all about a nerd and lazy peoples playing video game all night and never go outside, it's more then that, with E-sport.

What is E-Sport

E-Sports also known as electronic sports. E-sports is organized video game competition. Were people are competitive in gaming against in one and other and can competitive around the world, and go against around the world. E-sport could be consider to be as a sport ( in few people believe ). There a lot of games that revolve around E-sport, Fighting Game like Smash Bro. and Street Fighter, First Person Shooter Games like CSGO ( Counter Strike Global Offensive ), Call of Duty and Strategy Games like League of Legends and DOTA.

One Game of E-sport is BIG

The biggest game currently is League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game. 67 million people play this game every month. A League of Legends Event, the Season 4 World Championship was one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Surpassing MLB’s World Series and the NBA finals in terms of viewership.
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E-Sport Vs Sport

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E-Sport---Games such as League of Legends and StarCraft are incredibly complicated and constantly evolving. Teams spend a huge amount of time working on strategy, which will usually be the difference between victory and defeat.

Sport--- Sports people must be aware of a myriad of options at all times, while also being intimate with an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses


E-Sport-- Players don’t need to be as physically fit as traditional sportspeople. But it is now widely accepted that a fitter body equates to a fitter mind, so many top players make sure they eat healthily and exercise regularly.
Sport-- Most have very low body fat and highly developed muscles. They are unusually strong and quick, while also possessing tremendous stamina.

Reaction Time

E-Sport-- Pro gamers have lightning reflexes and remarkably flexible minds. Players can make more than 300 ‘actions’ per minute, within a team framework, which takes multi-tasking to a whole new level.
Sport--This requires exceptional hand-eye co-ordination, speed of thought, vision and spatial awareness, especially in a team environment.

The Other Hand

Though we have other people who have different believe about video game and E-sport and that video game should not be consider a sport. Due to that people don't think that and some other reason why, like you do noting but just pushing a keyboard keys, and seat all day on a chair looking at a screen for half the day, and you don't move at all, etc...... Show blow was class survey, showing that most people think that video games not consider a sport.
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Video Game is not a Sport

ESPN is a website where they post and talk about sport, and ESPN Boss

Declares E-Sports 'Not A Sport'. Due to it’s not a sport because it’s a competition just for fun and not really big, for example Chess is a competition and Checkers is a competition, but they are "interested" in "real sports". Just pushing a keyboard keys, and seat all day on a chair looking at a screen for half the day is not a sport. But yet if you go to the ESPN website there a place for E-sport, but its not big and popular like the NBA new or football and other sport.


I had learn that people have different opinion on this topic. Few people believes so, and others don't believes. Yet its call E-sport, known as electronic sports, it deal with computer and games and being indoor. So I understand in both way people believes of it. But also I would like to think that few video game that E-sport can be consider to be a sport and play for a living. Yet few gamers do play and do stuff for E-sports for a living. Also there other ways people do this for a living, Like they stream while their are play for people can see and get money, on a Wed-site call