Safest Convertible Car Seats

Safest Convertible Car Seats

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Choosing The Safest Convertible Car Seats 7 Most Important Points To Consider Before Buying

Choosing the safest convertible car seats can be a headache for many parents as there is such a wide range to choose from. Most brands on the market will meet the basic national requirements but there are some very important points to consider that go way above basic safety.

As a simple rule of thumb the safest car seat is the one that (a) fits your baby, (b) fits your car and (c) is easy to use each and every time. Of course there are a number of fundamental points that need to be considered when buying and the most important ones are listed below.

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1. Ease of Installation - If you do not install the seat correctly then your baby may not be properly restrained. So avoid buying a seat that requires an engineering degree to figure out how to install it.

2. Type of Harness - choose a seat which has a five point harness i.e. has two shoulder straps, two hip straps and a crotch strap. This transfers crash forces to the strongest parts of a child's body, hips and shoulders, so minimising injury in the event of a crash.

3. Tethers - since 2002 all car seats are required to have special anchors for attaching the seat directly to the vehicle rather than securing it with the vehicle's own seat belt. This is known as the LATCH system is designed to make installation easier and safer.

4. Belt Adjustment - choose a seat which allows you to belt adjustment from the front and not from the back of the seat.

5. Comfort obviously your child will be more comfortable in a well padded seat with plenty of head and back support and the freedom to move his/her arms freely. Then you should take into account the size of the child and choose one that is suitable for not only a child's weight and standing height, but a child's seated shoulder height as well.

6. Cleanability - think baby, think mess. The two go hand in hand. But it is amazing how many manufacturers ignore this fact. So choose a seat which allows easy removal of the seat cover and one that can be machine washed.

7. Price it is impossible to put a price on child safety. So there is only one consideration here - choose the highest quality convertible car seat that you can afford.

These have been the basic points to consider when choosing the safest convertible car seats. Of course there are numerous other features that add to the overall safety of your child and one manufacturer in particular stands out as the true innovator in child car seat design. So, what better place for you to start, than to check out the benefits of the Britax range of convertible car seats.

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