Latin America Region Project Rubric

Mexico City (starting point)

Absolute Location- 19.4*N, 99.1*W

Relative Location- Center of Mexico

Physical Locations- Valley of the damned, Center of Mexico

Human Features- National Museum of Anthropology, Chapultepec castle

Modification- Clay houses, because they're inexpensive

Accommodation- Heat

Example of Government- Agriculture

Movements- Car Bus

Traits and Culture-

1.) Spanish speaking

2.) Spicy food

3.) Catholic

4.) Friendly

Kingston Jamaica (1st stop)

Absolute Location- 17.9*N, 76.8*W

Relative Location- Caribbean West Indies

Physical Locations- John Crow Mountains, Milk River

Human Locations- Pueblos, Bob Marley Museum

Modification- Mud houses (cheap)

Accommodation- Air conditioning

Government- Fishing

Movement- Bus, Bike


1.)English speaking

2.) Religious

3.) Catholic

4.) Rich flavored food

Nassu Bahammas (2nd stop)

Absolute Location- 25*N, 77,3*W

Relative Location- Western Hemisphere

Physical Location- 3rd largest Reef Barrier, Worlds clearest waters

Human Location- Heritage museum, Primeval National Park

Modification- Spearfishing

Accommodation- Clay Houses (inexpensive)

Government- Fishing

Movement- Boat, Bike


1,) Spearfishing

2.) Fish is the main food

3.) Oil

4.) English is the official language

Bogota Columbia (final stop)

Absolute Location- 4.59*N, 74*W

Relative Location- North-Western corner of South America

Physical Locations- Magdalena River, Santa Marta Mountains

Human Location- Gold Museum, Luis Angel Arango library

Modification- Houses/Buildings

Accommodation- Jobs

Government- Manufacturing

Movement- Cars, Bus


1.) Spanish speaking

2.) Roman Catholic

3) Ethnic group is the Mestizo people

4.) Proper/Respectful attitudes