A Greener Shade Of Chemistry

The Idea

My Idea to stop all this litter and waste from plastic water bottles that leak poisonous chemicals into the earth. My idea is to have a metal bottle with a filter inside where you can just pour water in it from the tap and it will filter all the excess stuff you don't want in there, tap water is already safe but to make it more cleaner there will be a small filter inside where you can use it for a long time and it's made out of disposable materials that wont harm the environment. This makes the world cleaner because i doubt people will just throw about a metal bottle with a filter inside, and even if they do it's not as harmful as well.

Some aspects of this product that makes it better then plastic water bottles is because it's made out of less harmful materials, it causes less littering and poisonous chemicals to leak into the environment. The bottle is made out of a metal which is more better then plastic bottles. This product causes less plastic bottles to be used and bought. By using the product it greatly helps the earth, The production process of this item is easy you would just make a mold and pure the hot liquid metal inside the mold and let it cool down, It is also safer then a water bottle because sometimes the poisonous plastic sometimes some essence of it leaks into the water and causes you to get sick, And disposing of this is easy you would just melt the bottle and make something else with the metal.