A great tool for creating online flyers and pages

Creating a Smore is fast and easy

Smore's flyers are dynamic and changeable, they're not single-use PDFs. Your Smore flyers can include many types of media including videos. Deleting or adding elements to your Smore flyer is as simple as dragging and dropping them on or off your page.

With a free account

A user can select from a small but ample collection of themes and background images and add a variety of "blocks" to the flyer page. These block options include text that can be formatted and hyperlinked, simple links; online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler; a picture; bio; audio file; event link; and more! Adding blocks is simple, and they can be clicked and dragged into new locations with no issues.

Watch the one minute video below for an overview of Smore in action.

A Cupcake Story

Applications for Education

Smore could be a great way for extracurricular clubs, teams, or PTAs to build simple announcement pages and call to action pages for group fundraisers. SMORE flyers are a great way to embed flyers on your blogs and webpages; as well as, mass emailing a flyer to people. When you finish your flyer, you are given an option to share by emailing, tweeting, or posting on Face Book.