North West Territory

a wonderful place to live

Major Cities:

Major cities in North West Territory:)

the capital city in the North West territory is yellow knife. the major cities in northwest territory are Fort smith , Inuvik , Fort Simpson and Norman wells.


Location north to Ontario.

land forms

land forms are mountains , water falls and lakes


In the North West territory there is a lot of things to explore! first lets talk about hiking and canoeing! you can hike in the forest to slave river rapids then you can conoe near the slave river rapids do not go to close to the slave river rapids when you are canoeing you can do fishing day trips.
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Natural Resources

Now lets talk about natural resources people that live in North West territory they need supplies like #1 fruits and vegetables #2 iron and steel for houses and cars #3 copper and obsidian #4 uranium . The water fall up above is the water fall of hay river rapids


#1 where do they fossil hunt? they fossil hunt in the mountains

#2 are the berry like fruits edible? no they are poisonous

#3 do the people fish all night? no they do fishing day trips

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