Ma's Journey Exhibition

By Makaela Kinney


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"Ma said suddenly, 'We got to git out." (Steinbeck 450).

This quote is significant to all these photos because this is the one time in the book when Ma was really like we need to get out of here while in all the other places she always just went along leaving when everyone else did and always stayed calm to keep the rest of the family calm too.


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"He placed the four packages on the counter. 'Meat,' he said. 'Potatoes, bread, coffee. One dollar, even.' She handed him her slip of paper and watched while he entered the name and the amount in a ledger. 'There,' he said. 'Now we're all even.' (Steinbeck 375).

I chose this quote because this was the first time on their journey that the Joads could afford and buy a nice meal. The quote shows potential for the family, they're finally making good enough money, which was the reason they traveled this far to begin with.


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"'Hard to say,' she said. 'Ever'thing we do-seems to me is aimed right at goin' on. Seems that way to me. Even gettin' hungry-even bein' sick; some die, but the rest is tougher. Jus' try to live the day, jus' the day.'" (Steinbeck 423).

This is when the family, especially Pa was getting upset because he believed he wouldn't have a home ever again. Ma, tells the family, just try to live the day, and maybe next year they will get a house. This shows Ma's strength, through all the family's traveling she is still doing all she can to keep that hope within her family.


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"'You can't. We need you here. Why you got to go away?'" (Steinbeck 424).

This quote is when Ma begs Al to stay with the family until Spring and all is good because the family needs him. I find Ma's most important job in the story is to keep the family together and do what is best for them.