Arkansas Times

February 25, 2013

Tyson's effect on Dardanelle, AR - by Melinda Hastings

After living in Dardanelle for the past 50 years, I have experienced an incredible amount of change, not only in my personal life but in the once beautiful city I lived in. Once Tyson Food Inc. moved in and took over, the once serene river town turned into an agriculture region focusing on chicken farming and slaughtering. So many aspects of the town have been forever changed and I do not believe it is for the best. In fact I feel it is quite taboo because of the ethics involved. Several parts of the cultural landscape have changed within the time I have lived here such as the amount of business buildings, factories and manufacturing facilities clouding the horizon because Tyson is a vertical integration company and has taken over and renovated the area, otherwise known as sequent occupance. Dardanelle has taken on a negative association because of the unethical agribusiness and commercial agriculture that Tyson has created. Over the years, an influx of undocumented immigrants and guest workers have arrived in this city because Tyson will pay them at a cheaper rate to raise and slaughter the chickens. Dardanelle, Arkansas has ultimately become a region of unethical agriculture when it used to be such a quaint and simple town. Take a minute to think about just how much agricultural advancement has shaped our country. Many people think it is for the best, but often there are some wrong doings behind it.