April 2015

Ms. Tyminski's Preschool Class- Eldridge Park


Our spring break is from April 3 (Good Friday) to April 10th.

Have a lovely break!

Conference Time

During the week of April 22nd conference times are available for you to come in to speak with me about your child in our classroom. If you need a different time that what is offered please email me. I will be sending home a packet of information about conferences .

New Theme starting

We will be starting a new theme early in the month. Our new theme is called Doctor/hospital. Children will be doctors in dramatic play helping each other to feel better.

We have loved shopping and baking in our current theme of grocery. We have especially loved the sensory play that has gone along with our learning.

Fun Spring Activities

  • Nature walk- collect different items from your walk and make a college.
  • Listening walk- try and be as quiet as possible on the walk and then talk about the different sounds you heard (squeak of shoes, bark of a dog)
  • pressing flowers- take wax paper, 2 heavy books and a flower. Place the flower in between 2 sheets of wax paper, and between the books. Let the books flatten the flower for about a week. Have your child use describing words, like colors and size, to talk about the flower
  • Rainy day puddle jumping- put on some rain boots and count how many puddle you can jump in. Have a compassion contest to see what kind of splash you can make.
  • Garden Helpers- as you start to plant a garden, involve your child. They can dig small holes for bulbs, help weed as the plants grow, and help pick vegetables as they grow. Talk about why it is important to take care of the earth and each other.

New Students

As the year has progressed we have gained a few new friends.

In March we gained Adonias, and in April after break we will be gaining another friend. It is exciting to have more friends to play and learn with.

In gym we have two kindergarten friends that join us for some gross motor movements.