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Book Review

Heart of The Samurai is a book that is based off a true story. It is about a young 14 year old Japanese kid named Manjiro. His family is starving so he goes on fishing boats to gather fish and other food. One day a strong current carries the fishing boat outside the border of Japan. they cannot turn back no matter what. Manjiro dreams of becoming a samurai but know's he can never become one. They land on an island called Bird Island. They survive off of birds called albatross. One day while Manjiro is collecting shells on the beach of Bird Island and looking for food he spots a boat in the distance. The people are what the Japanese call barbarians. The "barbarians" pick up Manjiro and his friends and they head back to land after catching a whale and getting whale fat by killing the whale:-(. After they get back safely on land Manjiro's decides to live wih Captain Whitfield. His name is changed to John Mung. John Mung encounters many different adventures. Heart Of the Samurai is a very good book and I loved to read it.