Ethical Research

By Sophia Dunn

Key Words

Key Words are words/search terms that you type into the search bar when you are looking for something. You don't type a full sentence. You have to pull out the important words from the sentence. Those important words are the key words.

Gathering Relevant Information

How do you gather relevant information from a paper document or digital document?

+ Go to

+Click About our school- Media Center

+ Go down to the tab called Research and click on it

+Click General/Primary Resources

Here are the Data Bases.

If you don't want data bases then click one of the other tabs for Images,Video, Citations, and Current Events.

Reliable Sources

When you are looking for a source you can trust you are looking for a reliable source. These sources shouldn't be blogs or like wiki.answers (ex.). These reliable should be very professional. Here are somethings that can help you tell if it is professional.

+Look at there Author (contact info too) and Date. It should be up to date.

+Look at the background is it pink pony's and rainbows or is it sharp and elegant.

+ The URL should be realistic.

+At the end of the URL there should be a .com, .org, .gov, .edu, etc.

+ The ones with .com I would stay away from

+The ones with .gov, .org, .edu I would look into.


Parasharsing is restating the idea in your own words. It can be shorter or longer than the original.

Example- The titanic ship sailed over the Atlantic- The Ship of Dreams, Titanic, crossed over the Atlantic.


Quoting is using the authors exact words. It gives the author credit for his/her words.

Example- " 5 championship video gamers played in Canada for a win." - NEWSELA


Summarizing is restating only the main points of the passage in your own words. It short be very short.
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Plagiarism is the act of presenting the words, ideas, images, etc. as your own. Avoiding plagiarism is simple. You can either quote the author/illustrator or Paraphrase. But remember when you paraphrase you have to make sure paraphrase enough.


MLA is a citation format. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. For citing MLA citations here is a link to help use MLA citation.