Monday Morning Motivation

January 11, 2016

Opportunities to Grow are Everywhere!

I was recently invited to be a guest blogger on one of my favorite blog sites. I have spoken many times about and #leadupchat. If you haven't checked out the website or followed along on the Twitter chat on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am I encourage you to do so. I can assure you it will push your thinking.

While I was nervous about blogging initially, I now realize it is a powerful tool for reflection and personal/professional growth. We all have a story to tell and something to contribute. If you are keeping your greatness to yourself by not becoming a connected educator, you are doing a disservice to yourself, your students and your colleagues. Opportunities are around every corner....look for them, seek them out and step out of your comfort zone to explore them. I have included a link to the blog post and I would be honored if you would read it and give me some feedback.

YOUR Lead Learner,


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Spare Change For a Cup of Joe

Starting Monday January 11th through January 15th we will be collecting change for a Cup of Joe. The class that collects the most change will get to have a silly string fight at recess. This organization helps send soldiers who are deployed a cup of coffee and a message to go with it. Help us thank the soldiers that are deployed for all that they do. For more information about this organization you can go to:

Have You Gauged Your Energy Lately?

Now is a great time to revisit the 10 rules of the Energy Bus. Are you keeping the right folks on your bus? How do you handle negative people? We all have the challenge of providing a safe, positive environment for our students AND our team. It is on the shoulders of each of us to do just that. We must hold each other accountable. If something is not working, then let's bring some solutions to the table....not just mumble about it to others. We want to grow. We want the right people on the bus. We will hold each other's feet to the fire. I challenge you beginning tomorrow don't tolerate negative. Negativity robs us of our joy. Let's stand untied against negativity in our school and push the positive!! We can do it!

Jon Gordon said it best -

“What do I do with the negativity I have? You let it go. You release it. You throw it out. You transform it. When the work is piled high on your desk, think about how thankful you are to even have a job while so many are unemployed. When work is driving you crazy, think about the fact that you are healthy enough to work. When you are sitting in traffic, be thankful you can drive a car while many have to walk miles just to get clean water. When the restaurant messes up your meal, think about how many unfed mouths there are in the world. And as I told my father a number of years ago when he lost the love of his life – my mother, “ You had the kind of love for so many years that many people spend a lifetime searching for and never find. Let’s be thankful for that.” Where there is a negative there is always a positive. Where there is a dark cloud, there is always a sun shining behind it.” ~Jon Gordon

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Focus Walks Begin Next Week

This Week's Events

Monday 1/11
  • School Board Meeting 7:30 pm - please send posters to the office by noon for School Board
  • Spare Change for a cup of Joe begins

Thursday 1/14

  • Leadership Team will meet after school 3:30-4:30

Friday 1/15

  • 2nd 9 weeks behavior incentive during activity times. Schedule can be found here.
  • Spare Change for a Cup of Joe ends
  • Math Vertical Team meeting 2:00-3:00 (see coverage chart below)

Monday 1/18

  • MLK Day - No School

Vertical Math Team Meeting Coverage Chart

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