Mrs. G's Classroom News

May 6, 2016

Classroom Management

And the M-Step is complete. We are glad to have the standardized test out of the way and we are ready to focus on curriculum. I have a lot to fit in for the remainder of the school year. We are going to be busy!

I had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation week. Thank you all for the kind words, homemade cards, and gifts. I feel loved. Most of all a feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with your children. I am very blessed and I love my job! :)

Upcoming dates and events to remember:

May 26th - POSSIBLE field trip to Jiffy Mix factory - still in the works - will notify you as soon as I know!

Science Day - June 3

Website Gallery Dessert Night - June 9

Field Day - June 10

Writing Workshop

Our non-fiction is coming along. We finished our sequence chapters and figured out what chapter we should write in a comparison form. Students are really wanting to look up information on the internet to make sure their information they are writing is correct. I love how resourceful they have become! The published result of this unit will be awesome. Stay tuned to learn more about our fun-filled Website Gallery Dessert Night to celebrate these writing pieces.

Reading Workshop

Our reading workshop unit is coming along as well. This week we learned about thinking while reading, questioning and noticing the author's perspective. Students have read books in small group book clubs and taken comprehension quizzes online through I love the passion and excitement the kids show when they read about a topic that they a really interested in!
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Word Work

This week we worked on poetry. We created shape poems and cinquain poems. Moms - be sure to check out the wonderful poetry work you child created for you for Mother's Day!

We also worked on spelling unit 22. The skill this week was dropping the e and adding ed or ing. We practiced together and independently.

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Unit 8 is finally done! Whoa - fractions are hard! I will be grading the assessment over the weekend. I am hopeful that students grasped the fraction concepts and will continue to practice these skills as third grade progresses. We will be moving onto Unit 9 on Monday and we will be learning more about multiplication and division. The four areas this unit focuses on are multiply and divide in multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000, mental math to multiply, sharing money and find products of 2-digit numbers. You can see more about this unit by visiting :

Social Studies

Students participated in a webquest about Michigan companies. They learned about companies in Michigan and the natural resources they use to create their product. We also discovered what aspects make a good commercial. Students formed their own advertisement agencies and created commercials for a Michigan company. They turned out very entertaining! I will post them on my website soon so you can see!