RBSMS Staff AVID Happenings

August 2022

WICOR Strategy of the Month

This month is all about getting organized! Thank you for helping all our students to create their organizational binders. Please continue to encourage use and highlight those students who are using them successful to build the momentum for the school year.

What is AVID?

AVID is a researched based system designed to help all students close the opportunity gap and be successful in a global society. RBSMS is an AVID School Wide Certified Site. At RBSMS AVID is the ribbon that flows through all our classes in schoolwide initiatives such as our organizational binder, anchor charts, and focused note taking.

The AVID Elective is a class designed to support our students who desire to be on the college path, but are underrepresented in college. Often these students are first generation college students, minority, low income, or have a special circumstance indicating need. These students are required to take at least one advanced class and receive support within the AVID Elective for all their classes.

AVID Certification & Data Collection

The AVID Site team is always on the lookout for certification evidence. Please forward your student samples and photos to Amanda Hawk to be included in our data. From time to time we will also stop by your room to grab snapshots of the amazing things your students are doing, please know this is not an evaluation, simply an exercise in data collection. We will always try to leave a note behind and let you know what we observed.

As our thank you, when we receive documents from you and your students, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing and celebrated in future editions of our newsletter. It takes the entire school to maintain our certification and we truly appreciate all you do for our students!

AVID Ambassadors

The AVID Ambassadors are ready to come to assist you! During DOG Time each day, AVID Ambassadors can come to your class and help any students with his/her binder and/or focused notes.

If you are interested, please call or email Amanda Hawk to schedule.

Meet the AVID Site Team

The AVID Site Team is a group of faculty members who volunteer their time to support and advance the AVID program here at RBSMS. If you have any questions you can reach out to anyone on the team and we will be happy to get the answers you need.

Amanda Hawk, Coordinator

Jesy Rodriguez, AVID AP

Dan Adan, ESE

Ginger Butto, Math

Ms. Dean, Councilor

Amy Drury, ELA

Clark Holley, Electives/Health

Mr. Manning, Councilor

Bryan McKinnies, Social Studies

Cindy Porcelli, Science

Amanda Poulsen, Gifted ELA

Jessica Shotts, ELA

Charla VandeBerg, ELA