Southern Boone PD Spotlight

Fall 2019-2020

MSTA Conference

The Missouri State Teachers Association held the 2019 Assembly of Delegates on Thurs., Nov. 14. in Columbia, Mo. About 650 members were in attendance to vote on officers and other association business.

Delegates voted on proposed resolutions in the afternoon. The MSTA delegates approved resolutions supporting clear and consistently-applied school safety and discipline policies, expanding nondiscrimination protections for teachers and students, and increased support for trauma-informed initiatives.

Southern Boone Staff

Kelci Weter - CTA President

Jami Troth - CTA Treasurer

Jasmine Rustemeyer - Primary School Building Representative

Teresa Shaffer - High School Building Representative

Kristin Kennish - CTA/MSTA Member

The 2019 MSTA Convention was full of valuable information again this year. Starting off with the Assembly of Delegates, voting in our newly elected President Nickie Jones, our President-Elect Halley Russell, and our elect Vice President Chuck Martin, as well as discussing and debating proposed Bylaw Amendments. The annual report was discussed, as well as the budget. We were also fortunate to sit in on a seminar presented by Dave Burgess. He is known for offering inspiration, practical techniques, and innovative ideas that are designed to increase student engagement, boost creativity, and transform the lives of educators. We were encouraged to “Teach Like Pirates.” .

There were several workshops offered that had useful information. A powerful workshop that was attended was called Google Does What?! This workshop included many helpful tips and tricks to navigate through Google, ways to integrate Google in the classroom and helpful apps that can be used.

According to Kelci Weter, "The MSTA Convention and Assembly of Delegates is always a valuable experience. I love getting to hear from and be a part of a group of people that are so passionate about Missouri Educators. This group of professionals truly cares about the people who are involved with educating the fine students of Missouri. They put their time and dedication into making Missouri public education the best it can absolutely be. I find it extremely exciting and valuable that we as educators get to amend, vote on and adopt the Bylaws that make up the Missouri State Teachers Association."

2019 SPARK Adviser Workshop - Yearbook Staff

High School business teacher, Kasey Gatson, attended the 2019 SPARK Adviser Workshop in Grapevine, Texas this July. The conference is attended by yearbook advisers from all over the United States and is put on by Balfour Publishing. During the first day of the conference, advisers received 6 hours of classroom Tech Training. Kasey attended the StudioWorks+ training, which is the program used by the Southern Boone yearbook staff to create the yearbook. The second and third days of the conference advisers chose 9 workshops to attend during morning and afternoon sessions. Topics ranged from basic yearbook anatomy and yearbook design, to photography, sports coverage, award winning books, fundraising and building yearbook culture. Ms. Gatson commented, “I am very grateful to work for a school district and a community which supports their teachers' growth to better serve our students.”

Big picture

Tier II Interventions

The Middle School Tier II Interventions Team has been attending professional development through the Heart of Missouri Regional Professional Development Center. The PD focused on Tier III Foundations and identifying key components of a Behavior Intervention Plan. It helps interventionists develop a competing pathway based on the results of a Functional Behavior Assessment in order to prevent problem behavior. The PD also provided ideas on how to recognize appropriate behavior, to prevent reinforcement of problem behavior, develop appropriate observable and measurable behavioral goals, and determine methods for efficient data collection to guide decision making throughout the process. Brett Strauser, MIddle School At-Risk Coordinator, Kacie Sapp, Middle School Interventionist, and Rachelle LeCure, Middle School Counselor, all attended the monthly meetings (totaling 4). As part of the current Tier II Interventions Team, along with taking what they have learned during this professional development opportunity, the team is hoping to implement a stronger Tier III process to help students be more successful.

Planning and Paying for College Event at the High School

On Thursday, November 7th, the high school counseling department hosted a Planning and Paying for College Event for juniors, seniors and their parents. Lisa Wilson with the Missouri Department of Education presented that evening and provided several tips to help them with their postsecondary planning.

Educational Office Professionals Conference

Our amazing administrative assistants at the primary, elementary, middle and high schools attended a 2 day conference at the Lake of the Ozarks. Kaalan Bolinger, Diana Smith, Mary Millar and Melissa Finnegan were able to enjoy a relaxing time and were able to bond, learn and have a little fun.

For Kaalan, the most beneficial information she took away from the conference was The Kolbe Index. Learning everyone has a different "color". We all process information differently and knowing your co-workers "colors" helps you communicate better in the office.

Diana said it was great to network with other schools, learn what type of personality she is and just gain all around great information to better serve our community.

Mary loved everything about the Educational Office Professionals Conference. Some of her favorite highlights include: spending quality time laughing and learning with three amazing co-workers, breakout sessions, meeting new and interesting same field professionals from around the State of Missouri, and so thankful that Candy Whirley came briefly into her world.

Melissa most enjoyed keynote speaker, Candy Whirley (look her up, she's a hoot!) She taught us it takes 4 to Tango, to treat people like THEY want to be treated and to remember that people are not difficult, they are just different.

These four amazing people are just another example of why Southern Boone is an amazing place to live and work. A big thank you from all of Southern Boone to you, Kaalan, Diana, Mary and Melissa! Thank you for all you do!!!!

District Counselors attend Missouri School Counselors Association Conference

Counselors from across our district attended the 2019 Missouri School Counselors Association Conference held at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Karri Amelunke, Kathleen Downey, Sharon Horton, Meridith Haley, & Erin Wolfrun attended the Missouri School Counselor Association on November 3-5. While at the conference, they were able to hear 2 keynote speakers -- Mark Scharenbroich and Dr. Danny Brassell. They also attended 7 breakout sessions that focused on counseling topics and issues that are specific to their students, staff, and families. Some examples of the topics are Teaching Compassion, How to Support Personal, Student, & Staff Wellness, Helping Students with Anxiety, Emotional Coaching, Hosting a Career Expo, Being Trauma Informed, Learning About the Brain, etc. It was a great time of learning. For more information, please go to this website.

Erin Wolfrum, counselor at the high school said, "We enjoyed our first trip to the annual Missouri School Counselors Association conference! We were able to attend a variety of different sessions ranging from college and career readiness to mental health. We feel we are coming back with some great new ideas and strategies to implement at Southern Boone High School. We were also able to collaborate with the other counselors in our district and connect with counselors from other schools around the state."

Reading Team Presents at MARRE

The primary reading team, Liz Austin, Jessica Bach, Carolyn Pridemore, and Leslie Shollengarger along with Erin Sappington were able to attend this year’s MARRE conference held in Branson, MO. The timing of the conference conflicted with parent-teacher conferences, but the team was able to contact parents beforehand and make arrangements accordingly. According to MARRE's (Missouri Association of Reading Recovery Educators) website, "M.A.R.R.E organization’s goal is to support administrators and literacy educators across the state of Missouri."

In reflecting on the conference, Liz Austin said "We took away great learning about reading, writing, and oral language and were re-energized by some amazing speakers. We all loved the learning opportunity we had and especially enjoyed Nancy Anderson who reminded us to 'teach like a Ninja.' "

Along with attending many great break out sessions, the reading team presented on Using Technology to Increase Communication and to Improve Student Achievement. This allowed our team to showcase some of the great things we are doing here at Southern Boone and share some of our practices with fellow educators.

The team said they have some new learning they are excited to share with our primary teachers and will look forward to sharing out at a future staff meeting.

Bridges Math Intervention

Over the summer, Jami Troth, Math Interventionist at the Primary and Elementary, along with members of the Primary and Elementary Special Education staff attended a training on implementation of the Bridges Intervention program. Luckily, their trainer happened to be one of the many people who were involved in the process of writing the Bridges Intervention Program which provided great continuity for the group. The nine volumes that make up the Bridges Intervention program are supplemental, explicit small-group instruction for Tier 2 students within the RTI framework. The curriculum is organized by content, rather than by grade level. During training, staff received hands-on experience both teaching the lessons from the curriculum as well as being a student. This experience provided valuable information that led to learning how to administer the placement assessments (determining a starting off point), how the sessions are organized and how to check in and progress monitor students along the way. The first four sessions in each module feature warm-ups, a game or activity, and a guided practice page. The fifth lesson is devoted to assessments to monitor students’ progress with the skills targeted during the previous four sessions.

Jami Troth said, "This training provided me with real hands-on experience to the Bridges Intervention program. It helped me to know exactly what Universal Screening tool to use at the beginning of the year when identifying “Tier 2” students. Once those students were identified, I felt like I had all of the resources at my fingertips to move those students forward in their math understanding. One of my favorite parts of this curriculum is that the manipulatives, language, strategies and skills are all aligned with the Bridges Core Curriculum being taught in the classroom."

Bridges Intervention is strongly rooted in promoting best practices; the work is prepared with models that promote student thinking and engagement, generally starting with concrete manipulatives (representations), moving to picture models or representations (frames, grids, graphic organizers, sketches, etc.) and FINALLY to the mental images and standard algorithms. Bridges Intervention can also be accessed and used in the general education classroom. All teachers have access to both the core content and the intervention content. Jami finished by saying, "Bridges Intervention and the training I received this summer have given me the tools to feel confident and successful in my position as the Primary and Elementary Math Interventionist."