Cordelia Hills Staff Update

Believe, 4/26/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: The last few weeks have been an uphill battle with getting into classrooms at an acceptable rate. Nevertheless, I still notice some of the amazing things you are doing each day for our kids. Thanks for the messages, the notes, the photos, and the tweets. A huge glow to all of our classes preparing for CAASPP with training and practice tests! Bravo.

Grows: Next year, every school in elementary education is going to have a solid focus on implementing small group instruction and academic dialogue. I know it seems as if this has been a focus for so long but the data across all schools (and our school) reflects a very choppy implementation. Our goal is to provide regular PD, support, and planning time to make sure we are making progress in both of these areas.

Welcome New Staff!

I wanted to extend a welcome to two new CH staff members. Ms. Christian Garcia is supporting our TAP program in Room D-2. She has been supporting the program for awhile as a substitute but is now come on board as a regular staff employee. Welcome!

Also, I know our new tech support, Eric Berkheimer, has introduced himself via email and face to face to many but I wanted to just extend a welcome to him. I appreciate all that the tech support staff does in our District and I look forward to seeing Eric work with us. Based on his email, you probably know what he looks like now so please don't hesitate to reach out and wave hello.

Student Morning Welcome

Let's welcome students to school in the morning on Monday, April 29th at 8:10 when the main gate comes up. I hope you can join me as pump our students as we head into the testing window. Come ready to dance and make some noise.

CAASPP Preparation

Don't leave your students unprepared for the CAASPP platform. Take advantage of the practice and training tests at:

Also, please be sure to notify parents of your grade level testing schedule so they are aware. If you have any questions or NEED ANY ASSISTANCE, don't hesitate to reach out for help.

Reminder, SHORTER CAASPP Tests

Just a reminder for Grades 3-5: California reduced segment one of ELA performance task (PT) to 1-2 questions. They didn't, however, approve language to reduce the recommended time allotment until recently.

They have NOW approved language to send to districts. The language states that the ELA PT can be done in one day. Please take note that we have given permission to remove Day 2 of the ELA PT. Please work in collaborative this week to remove that day from the testing schedule. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Family Reading Night

Cordelia Hills PTA is hosting our annual Family Reading Night on Wednesday, May 1st, from 5:30-7:00 pm in the MPR.

All Families are welcome. See email attached flyer!

2019 Solano County Student Art Faire

Cordelia Hills has representation at the 2019 Solano County Student Art Faire Exhibit. Come support our students and check out the amazing art work!

When: Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Where: McCormick Hall, Solano County Fairgrounds, 900 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, CA


Upcoming Dates/Events

4/29: 4th grade begins testing, Student Welcome at 8:10

5/1: Family Reading Night @ 5:30

5/3: Progress Reports become visible to parents, STUDENT OF THE MONTH LUNCH

5/7: Staff meeting

5/8: National Bike to School Day

5/17: Coyote Howl Hop

5/24 and 5/27: No School

5/30: Science Fair

5/31: Student of the Month Lunch

6/3: Field Day

6/5: Staff Taco Party @ 2:00

Bell Schedule

Our proposed bell schedule has been submitted to the central office for approval by the various departments. I expect approval but please know that no matter what, the instructional day will start at 8:20 and end at 2:30 for grades 1-5 (Monday-Friday, excluding minimum days). I will update you once I receive the final bell schedule and we hear about kindergarten restructuring times.


New link:

Links on mindfulness/trauma/brain science:

Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks

Stop, Breathe, and Think Video

Link on mindfulness and kindness , kid friendly hip hop music with a mindful message., kid friendly art and mindful activities.