What is the planet's name

The planet name of the planet

What number is it in terms of proximity to the sun

Earth is the third planet from the sun.

What is the general temperature of the

No,It doesn't have extreme temperature that doesn't go in the 200s

How many moons the planet have

Earth has only one moon.

How did the planet get it name?

Earth got its name by Old English and Germen.

Does the planet have any rings.

No,Earth does not have any rings.

How did your planet get its name

Earth got name by old english and geman poeple

what does the planet look like in terms of colors ,surface feature, and atmospere

Earth its rocky blue , green,and white.

List several ineresting facts

  1. Earth 5th biggest rock planet.

thing that i like about earth

I like about Earth is its fun, colorful,cool stuff, animals,friends,and school.